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10 Natural Tips To Fight Against Yellow Teeth

A crucial element of our charm, our smile is the first thing we reveal. However, there are at least 29 different shades of teeth. No wonder some are more yellow than others. On the other hand, in many people, this slightly yellow color is natural; for others, it is due to the traces of time on the enamel and a diet too rich in sugar or acids. A few known drinks and, of course, poor oral hygiene can also be the cause. But nothing is lost. Here are some simple and natural tips to get teeth as white as day one.

Condition Sine Qua Non, Good Basic Hygiene

To claim to have beautiful white teeth, it is necessary, above all, to submit to a few basic rules, namely:

  1. Regular and rigorous brushing (3 minutes) after each meal, to be perfected with brushes or dental floss.
  2. Change the toothbrush full or brush head every three months if you use an electric toothbrush.
  3. Make mouthwashes 2 to 3 times a week to cleanse the gums, teeth and mucous membranes.
  4. Avoid acidic or sugary foods.
  5. Favor elements rich in calcium.
  6. Avoid excessive coffee, tea or wine and tobacco.
  7. Choose an appropriate toothpaste. Whitening tubes of toothpaste have an exfoliating action that slightly polishes the teeth. However, they must be used alternately with conventional toothpaste tubes so as not to attack the enamel.
  8. Perform scaling at your dentist once or twice a year.

Tip: biting an apple at the end of a meal promotes salivation, which regulates acidity. The tips of grandmothers, to be effective, must be repeated twice a week (but not more either, at the risk of an effect of premature wear of the enamel).

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Mix a little water and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Gargle with it, or pour a few drops of oil on your usual toothpaste before brushing your teeth. The plant’s antibacterial action acts and whitens the teeth by destroying the bacteria responsible for the yellow color. To be done once a week.

Coconut Oil

Used in mouthwash, coconut oil whitens teeth. The disadvantage of this trick is that you have to keep the oil in your mouth for 15 minutes. It must be passed between the teeth before spitting out. Finish the treatment with a normal brushing of the teeth. Fortunately, you can also put a few drops of your usual toothpaste to facilitate the operation.


Get propolis in chewable form. You find it in pharmacies, organic shops, and herbalists or all shops selling products from the work of bees. Break off a small piece of the wafer and chew for about ten minutes. It protects and purifies the oral cavity, but also the throat. The hive’s product is by participating in the sanitation of the mouth, and it participates in whitening the teeth. 

Scientific studies have proven its antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory benefits. Propolis is particularly indicated in treating oral conditions, such as gingivitis, dental infections, etc. It is most effective in its purely natural state. You can then swallow it. Its virtues are also beneficial for the digestive system.

Do- It-Yourself Whitening Kits

Based on the action of hydrogen peroxide (in other words, hydrogen peroxide), these kits require discussion with your dentist before using them. Indeed, misuse or overconsumption can damage the enamel prematurely, cause hypersensitivity of the gums, or even irritate the latter. On the other hand, there are methods of plastic gutters made to measure by the dentist. They must be worn constantly for a period defined by it.

The dentist also offers bleaching techniques to be done in his office. They are also based on hydrogen peroxide. However, they combine its action with that of UV by the use of a special lamp. Methods based on hydrogen peroxide, considered more aggressive, are relatively expensive and sometimes contraindicated (e.g. for pregnant women, children and adolescents). We advise you to consult your dentist to validate your chosen solution to whiten your teeth.

Again, 6 Tips From Our Grandmothers For Whitening Teeth

Brush your teeth after applying one of the following products to the toothbrush:

  1. Baking soda (natural descaler, to limit once a week).
  2. Lemon juice (to be made twice a week). 
  3. Baking soda + lemon juice once a week.
  4. Green clay to which you have previously added a few drops of lemon or mandarin essential oil.
  5. Activated vegetable charcoal mixed with a few drops of lemon juice (twice a week). You can also pour a little powder into a cup, dip a damp cotton swab in it and rub the teeth one by one. No risk if you swallow a little.
  6. Apple cider vinegar mixed with water. We count on the acidity of the vinegar to destroy the oral microbes.
  7. Coarse sea salt, which you have melted in hot water. It is these antiseptic and antifungal virtues that act on the color of the teeth. Rinse well afterwards.
  8. Essential oil of peppermint, cloves, lemon or even cinnamon.

A small detail that should make you happy: yellow teeth do not presume un healthy teeth. Last tip: choose a lipstick that tends towards blue, such as plum or dark purple. Avoid shades containing yellow, such as orange or brown.

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