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Good To Know: How Much Fat A Day Is Okay?

Fat A Day: Carbohydrates are declared enemy number 1 in low carb but fat Is bad reputation. People who want lose weight often ask themselves: How much fat is allowed per day? How much can I eat, and when do I gain weight?

That’s a fair question because fat is by far the most significant number of calories of all nutrients. 1 g of carbohydrates and protein have 4.3 kcal – 1 g fat but 9 kcal! So it’s not surprising that high-fat foods are real calorie bombs. But banning fat entirely from your life is not the right solution. Because our body needs fat, it is more essential to adhere to the recommendations on how much fat you should consume with food each day – and which one.

Fat A Day: Not All Fat Is Created Equal

A broad distinction is made between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids when it comes to fat. Saturated fatty acids are not so good for our bodies. They are primarily found in animal foods such as meat, sausage, cheese or butter and contain cholesterol. Cholesterol, in turn, promotes the development of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes.

How much fat in saturated fatty acids is allowed per day? The Nutrition Society advises that the amount should be as small as possible. Pay more attention to the hidden fats in sausage, cheese or finished products. Take a look at the label the next time you shop!

On the other hand, polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as those found in vegetable oils or nuts and seeds, are good for our health. They contain essential fatty acids that our body needs. So take it easy (in moderation).

Oily fish is also high in polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, I recommend eating fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, herring or tuna once or twice a week.

Is There A Difference In How Much Fat Men And Women Are Allowed To Consume Per Day?

When asked how much fat we can eat per day, the Nutrition Society recommends 60 to 80 g. That sounds like a lot, but this amount is reached quickly. You can tell that most Germans easily consume twice that amount every day!

Women should instead orient themselves on the 60 g fat per day. Men are allowed to eat a little more. However, what is more important than what fat you eat each day is what fat you eat. Prefers vegetable fats and chooses low-fat variants of animal foods.

In the case of sausages, these are, for example, poultry slices, roast beef or boiled ham. They contain less than 5 g fat per 100 g. Salami or liver sausage make it over 30 g! Half the daily fat requirement is already covered! It’s similar to cheese. Brie in the double cream setting has over 30 g of fat, but a 30 per cent Camembert only 14 g. Reduced-fat cream cheese or Harz cheese even under 2 g.

How Much Fat Is Allowed per Day If You Want To Lose Weight?

Low-fat diets recommend a maximum fat intake of 30 g per day. You can do this if you want to lose weight. But much more important than how much fat you eat is the total calorie intake per day. To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you consume.

It doesn’t matter whether you save fat or carbohydrates. Most people automatically eat less fat because fat bombs are also calorie bombs. However, don’t leave out the fat entirely. The body needs a certain amount to survive.

By the way: The question arises again and again how much fat is allowed to build muscle during the day. Since the body primarily needs protein for the muscles, fat plays a subordinate role. The recommendations of the Nutrition Society apply here: 60 g or 80 g per day.

Simple Fat-Saving Tips For Everyday Life

There are tons of ways to save fat. The next time you shop, pay attention to the information on the label and then consciously choose the low-fat alternatives. Also, cook for yourself as often as you can. There are also many hidden fats in ready-made meals.

  • Use vegetable fat for cooking and measure it with a tablespoon.
  • It uses coated pans.
  • Swap cream for lower-fat alternatives such as sour cream or Cremefine. You can also create delicious sauces with milk and broth.
  • Use only half of the specified cheese for casseroles and pizzas.
  • Spread cream cheese or mustard on your bread instead of thick butter or margarine. If you eat jam and the like, you can even do without it.
  • I prefer lean meats: chicken and turkey instead of duck or schnitzel.
  • Buy low-fat sausages and cheeses and treat yourself to the fat bombs only rarely and in small quantities.
  • Get used to buying low-fat foods: 1.5 per cent high-fat milk instead of the full-fat variant.

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