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Heat Button: Our Tips To Limit Them And Get Rid Of Them

Heat rash mainly affects infants and young children but can also affect athletes and people who enjoy the sun generously. Tip Mania gives you advice on how to treat an infection of the epidermis caused by heat. More importantly, we’re giving you tips on avoiding heals by taking steps to prevent them from appearing.

Recognize Heat Rash

Before arranging heat rashes, you must learn how to recognize them. These are usually minor irritations of the epidermis, with red and pink lesions appearing in relief on the skin. This cutaneous miliaria is more often observed in infants and young children, more rarely in adults. In principle, this damage to the epidermis is benign. Doctors advise keeping the skin exposed and wearing loose clothing to reduce perspiration. Finally, good hydration plays a significant role in reducing heat rashes.

Tip Mania Explains How To Make Heat Rashes Disappear

Heat rashes disappear in principle without medical treatment, and it is not necessary to overload the skin with greasy creams, which will have little effect. They will even tend to aggravate sweating, as with vibrant sun oils. However, some treatments can be given to a child who has developed cutaneous miliaria to relieve him and limit their profusion. Here are the products to favor to treat heat rashes:

Baking Soda

Apply powdered baking soda directly to the area to be treated (if you don’t have any in your cupboards, replace it with talc). It will calm the itching and open the skin’s pores. Another way to use baking soda is to put two tablespoons of it in the baby’s bath water.

The Neutral Soap

Clean the folds of the skin well with water and neutral soap to remove the remains of sweat. It is essential to dry the skin well before putting on a garment. If you find yourself in a situation where it is impossible to shower, you can use an ice cube to soothe the infected area and then dry it thoroughly.

Aloe Vera Gel

It is the friend of soft and luminous skin; Aloe Vera gel is also an exciting ally to treat heat rashes. After the shower or bath, apply it all over the skin to nourish and soothe itching. You can repeat this treatment several times daily and replace the Aloe Vera gel with calamine gel.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural antioxidant that hydrates the skin. Steep a tea bag in simmering water, then wait for the solution to cool. Then apply to the skin with a cotton ball or a cosmetic sprayer.

Tips From Truck Mania To Avoid Heat Rash

Before treating, it is better to anticipate and avoid the appearance of heat rashes, especially on skin sensitive to the sun and humidity.

Do Not Expose Yourself Too Long To The Sun

Avoid long naps in the sun or endless hours on the beach without an umbrella, and take care of your skin by exposing it to less time.

Practice Sports In The Shade Or Indoors

If you exercise in direct sunlight, you will sweat more and are more likely to develop heat rashes. Jog at less sunny hours, exercise bike in the shade, and, if possible, swim.

Thoroughly Dry The Whole Body After Showering

Humidity promotes the appearance of heat rashes, so you must thoroughly dry your skin after washing. If you apply the tips above, you should see them disappear quickly.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is an essential element in the treatment of heat rashes. Drink plenty, at least 1 liter of water a day, and hydrate your skin, if possible, by frequently washing to remove sweat and open pores. If you cannot do so, use a zinc-enriched thermal water spray with an interesting astringent side.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

Limit clothes too close to the body and make your baby comfortable when temperatures rise. Choose outfits made of natural fibers and avoid synthetic materials that stick to the skin and prevent it from breathing.

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