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12 Tips For Losing Your Saddlebags

Fat accumulates in the body with a sedentary lifestyle and an unbalanced diet. Some areas gain volume before others, such as the hips, upper thighs and buttocks. We then speak of saddlebags, an excess of fat that many women find unsightly and which they want to get rid of. Although genetics and morphology play a role in the formation of saddlebags, it is still possible to get rid of them, especially with a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise. Here are our 12 tips for losing your saddlebags.

Do Cardio

Sports exercise is the key to eliminating fat and slimming the figure. But to remove saddlebags, physical exercises must be targeted. It is recommended to start with cardio training sessions lasting more than 30 minutes. This session can include exercises such as the elliptical trainer, rollerblading, swimming, running, tennis, step or even squash. All strenuous activities that work the heart help to eliminate fat around the waist and on the hips.

Do High-Intensity Exercises

Just like cardio, HIT, or high-intensity exercise; it helps break the saddlebags. You can practice these exercises indoors or at home.

Strength Training

You can start doing strength training exercises that target your saddlebags only after you start losing weight. Sheathing, squats, steps and chairs are perfect exercises to build muscle in the saddlebags.


Swimming is a complete sport that mobilizes all parts of your body. By going to the pool regularly, you refine your whole figure, including your saddlebags, and improve your general tone. Swimming also consumes a lot of calories, which promotes weight loss.


Running is another perfect sport for losing your saddlebags. It strengthens your glutes and tones your whole body. Even if you’ve never run in your life, you can start gradually, starting with 15-minute sessions a day and increasing the pace and duration each week. However, be sure to prepare yourself well before each session by doing stretching exercises.


Skating is not just a hobby reserved for children but a complete sport that allows those who practice it to exercise the muscles of their legs, pelvises, and hips. Do not hesitate to practice this sport to eliminate your saddlebags.

Eat Better

Saddlebags are often caused or favored by a poor diet. A diet high in fats, sugars and salt and low in fiber and protein automatically accumulates fat in the hips and buttocks. It is, therefore, essential to eliminate processed foods, excess sugar, and salt.

Eat Good Carbs

To lose weight and eliminate saddlebags, it is essential to consume only good carbohydrates, especially those from whole grains such as rice, quinoa, wheat, oats or even vegetables such as chickpeas. . On the contrary, it is necessary to prescribe white bread and to prefer whole meal bread or rye bread.


Many women believe that drinking plenty of water promotes water retention and the appearance of certain unwanted forms. However, it is quite the opposite because water helps eliminate specific waste accumulating in the body. It is, therefore, essential to stay sufficiently hydrated, especially before, during and after sports sessions.

Follow A Detox Cure

Saddlebags can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle. In this case, you must review your eating habits and start a detox cure, even a short one. This purifies the body by eliminating toxins and other waste, favoring the appearance of saddlebags. The detox cure is based on purifying foods such as fruits and vegetables in soups, compotes and juices.

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Protein is essential for your body because it helps it stay toned and regenerate. Promoting a diet rich in protein improves your metabolism, especially if you combine animal proteins with vegetable proteins in, for example, starchy foods and legumes. Proteins also provide a feeling of satiety, which allows you to limit the number of calories you eat at each meal. Such a diet, combined with sports exercises, can improve your general health and help you lose weight and your saddlebags.

Palpate It Roll

The incredibly energetic massages allow you to relax and more easily eliminate fat from the legs, cellulite and bulges. The massage can be performed in the salon, but you can also practice rolling massage. This technique consists of pinching the roll between the thumb and index finger and rolling it between the fingers. 

You were palpating and rolling break-up fat dimples, making them easier to eliminate. You can take advantage of each of your showers to do a rolling palpation session under hot water, which makes the exercise even more pleasant and effective. For more pleasant sensations and greater efficiency, you can combine the rolling massage with creams or massage oils or, even better, with a slimming cream that you can find in pharmacies or specialized stores.

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