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5 Miracle Tips To Keep Your Summer Complexion All Fall!

Autumn has arrived, but that’s no reason to look “gray”! Did you know? With good practices and a few tips, you can preserve your lovely summer tan until winter. Are you intrigued? Here are five tips to keep your pretty golden complexion, even when the sun remains hidden!

Gently Cleanse Your Skin

Do you want to have luminous skin throughout the fall season? Remember this point: you must clean your epidermis carefully to eliminate impurities and dead cells that blur the complexion. To do this, opt for gentle, soap-free products. You can also buy a micellar lotion if you wish. To wash the skin in the morning, use a little of your favorite foaming treatment and a bamboo fiber square. 

Rinse with cool water for a healthy glow! In the evening, remove makeup from your face, then degrease your skin with your cleansing treatment. You can also apply a little micellar lotion. Finally, finish your wellness ritual with a few sprays of rose treatment water to tighten your pores.

Do A LittleI Exfoliating Scrub

Exfoliation is an excellent ally for prolonging your tan and refining your skin. In fact, peeling has many benefits: it eliminates dead cells that blur the complexion, encourages cell renewal and oxygenation of the epidermis, smoothes minor imperfections, and prevents the appearance of spots. 

Do you want to have radiant skin all year round? Opt for exfoliation with a product that is both gentle and nutritious. To do this, go to the cosmetics section of your supermarket or a specialized store to buy a product suited to your skin type. Do you prefer DIY treatments? Here is a little recipe to concoct a natural exfoliant:

  1. Take one teaspoon of jojoba oil if your skin is combined to oily or one teaspoon of argan oil if you have dry skin.
  2. Add two tablespoons of powdered sugar.
  3. Mix everything with one teaspoon of organic honey.
  4. Mix your mixture for a few moments to obtain a homogeneous paste that is easy to apply.

Your scrub is ready! Use it without delay to benefit from all its benefits. Do you want to take care of your body? Exfoliate your skin in the shower with a Kessa glove or a loofah sponge!

StimulateI Skin Microcirculation

To continue your beauty ritual, stimulate skin microcirculation! To do this, prepare your skin with a facial sauna. Do you want to have a doll’s complexion? Add some flower petals and natural extracts to the water you use for your steam treatment. Once this little cocooning moment is complete, it is time to perform a few light massages to drain the lymphatic system. 

To do this, stretch the skin of the maxillary area delicately between your fingers while rubbing your phalanges from the chin to the ears. Do the same along your cheeks. To finish, massage your forehead from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Enhance Your Skin

You have just carried out an actual health ritual for your skin. It’s time to move on to hydration. To nourish your skin at the end of summer, opt for a light treatment that will be quickly absorbed. Are the wind and the cold back? In this case, take a richer moisturizer, which will protect your skin from the first cold weather. 

Do you want to know how to apply makeup to enhance your pretty tan in the fall? Watch out for missteps! Choose products that are ideally suited to your skin tone. Visit the store to get personalized advice!

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle

To look good all fall, watch what you eat! It would help if you ate a balanced diet rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. Would you like to know another secret to having a dazzling complexion? Hydrate yourself all day long! You should consume between 1.3 liters and 2 liters of water on average to keep your face fresh and skin plump. Do you want to enhance your pretty summer tan? Avoid stress, fatigue, alcohol, or tobacco. Finally, to stay beautiful all winter long, focus on mindfulness meditation and abdominal breathing.

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