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An Omelet Without Eggs? Yes, If The Recipe Is Vegan

Is it not possible to make an omelet without eggs? This and more are possible in vegan cuisine: we offer you the recipe for an egg-free omelet cooked according to strictly vegan dictates, seasoned with peremptory postural assumptions and excellent mood indications. 10% of India today live and eat vegan. Not a small percentage. But what does it mean to be vegan, and how does vegan cooking work?

And how can it be possible to continue taking certain important nutritional principles by removing foods that are relatively common in standard diets? Let’s answer these questions and, last but not least, find out how to cook a vegan omelet without eggs.

When A Recipe Can Be Said To Be Vegan

When can a recipe be said to be vegan? A choice, among other things, leads to saving since the vegan regularly eats foods such as cereals, legumes, fruit, vegetables, and oilseeds. The products are often local, or, as they say, km 0; they only cost a little and belong to very satiating foods. 

Vegans exclude any food of animal origin from their diet and must be sure that what they are ingesting complies with this condition; unless they go to vegan restaurants, they rarely spend money outside. A vegan recipe does not include meat, cheese, dairy products, honey, milk, and eggs, since, as the vegan manifesto one facile states, not even these last two foods “can be materially obtained without killing animals.”

Harvard And The False Myths About Eggs, Diabetes And Cholesterol

What’s the point of making an omelet without eggs? This vegan recipe can come in handy when, in the middle of the week, you’ll already find you’ve consumed at least one egg and want a dinner to prepare without too many steps and time.

It seems that consuming too many eggs exposes you to the risk of diabetes: the research comes from Harvard Medical School scholars who monitored nearly 57,000 men and women for 20 years to discover then that those who ate one egg a day had a risk of developing diabetes 60% (if men) and 77% (if women) higher than those who do not consume it.

The ideal dose, according to scientists, is one egg a week. If you cannot do without them, experts suggest choosing eggs high in omega-3 fats. On the other hand, it was the scholars of the same prestigious school who confirmed that eggs are not the demons that have always been thought of as regarding the heart.

It is a false myth since eggs are a more significant threat to the glycemic surge and only in the second analysis can they create severe problems for the cardiovascular system. As for cholesterol, eggs indeed contain a lot of it, especially “bad cholesterol,” but not everything is immediately absorbed by the blood, as is thought.

Eggless Omelet: The Recipe

Here are the ingredients to make a vegan eggless omelet recipe for four people:

  1. Love and care for the food that is prepared
  2. Desire to eat together with people we love or with people who are all to know
  3. 200 g of chickpea flour
  4. 2 medium courgettes
  5. 1 carrot
  6. 2 tomatoes
  7. a pinch of salt (not too much, we recommend)

Preparation (preferably with background music ): mix the chickpea flour with water until you get a liquid batter without lumps. Grate the courgettes and carrots by moving your shoulders without hunching over, working your wrist and elbow. Add them to the batter, to which you will also add salt and chopped tomatoes.

Grease a non-stick pan, heat, pour everything, body and let it thicken. Turn to help you with breathing, balance, agility and… the lid. Serve sliced ​​​​with a side salad of fennel, cucumber and any other greens you like. Remember that consuming the salad first prepares your stomach and reaches a sense of satiety more easily.

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