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Be Careful With Gel Manicures: The Risks Could Be Very High

We know that a trendy type of manicure – which allows you to always have perfect nails – is the one that uses gel nail polishes, which dry and polymerize using unique lamps. The results obtained are highly appreciated by those who choose to carry out this treatment. But at what cost? A warning has been raised about UV lamps used to cure nail polish, which could cause skin cancer. Let’s try to understand more.

UV Lamps And Skin Cancer: What The Studies Say

The link between the use of UV lamps and the risk of skin cancer is connected to the wavelengths of the former, which penetrate deep into the skin. But are nail polishes bad for you? These devices use UVB rays: both UVB and UVA rays can be attributed as the cause of melanoma, but the former is undoubtedly the most dangerous.  UVA is commonly used during tanning sessions on a bed, while UVB is used during manicure treatments.

Confirmation about the adverse effects of UVB lamps  (and UV lamps) comes from the story of a Miss USA contestant, who revealed how, at the age of 18, she was diagnosed with melanoma on her nail and how she has been ordered to no longer undergo manicure sessions that involve the use of lamps. However, a study published in  JAMA Dermatology, dating back to 2014, measured the level of UV rays produced by nail lamps and concluded that these emissions are so low that even the risk of skin cancer is almost near zero. 

You may think that it is worth trying a nice gel manicure once in a while. Be careful, though. There is another study that highlights that in just 10 minutes of sitting, the equivalent of what should be the maximum permitted dose of UVB rays for the entire day reaches the person’s hands. What to say? What is certain is that further research is underway to understand whether nail ovens are really that dangerous.

How To Protect Your Hands From UV Damage (When Getting A Gel Manicure And More)

Researchers, in general, recommend trying to protect the skin’s health on your hands as much as possible.  For example, wear gloves with cut tips during manicure sessions or always protect your hands with sunscreen. However, regarding the first solution, there are some minor suggestions to follow. White gloves have a deficient protection factor. In short, I prefer the darker ones.

If, however, you choose to protect yourself with a sun lotion, then it will be better to give up that very relaxing part of the manicure, which involves massages, the use of scrubs, and exfoliating soaps.  Moreover, even if it is still an open question, it is believed that exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of premature skin aging.

But is gel casting bad for you? The accusation against the gel casting technique is that it does not allow the nail to breathe. Experts have demonstrated the unfoundedness of this consideration, claiming that the gel has no contraindications and does not hurt.

How To Take (Best) Care Of Your Nails

It has been highlighted that the gels used for manicures are harsh to remove, and their use causes damage to the nail plate. To counteract them, you can opt, as regards their removal, for a professional treatment, which minimizes the filing of the superficial part of the nail. Another helpful tip is not to cut the cuticles during the manicure, which could lead to severe bacterial infections.

If you often undergo manicures, try to allow time between one session and another.  These breaks, which must be frequent, help the nail to breathe and quickly return to top shape.  Furthermore, it is always good to remember that if there are any anomalies on the surface of the nails, they may only be visible when the nail polish is not present. Therefore,  hand and skin care can protect your health from premature aging or even melanoma. 

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