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Beetroot For Hair: Benefits And Uses

Beetroot is characterized by its abundant nutrients: carotenoids, potassium, proteins, iron, manganese, copper, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B and C and more. In particular, beets are good for regulating blood pressure, antioxidants, or even protecting the liver against inflammation. But, do you know its benefits for the Hair?

Fight against common scalp problems, growth stimulation, radiance and shine, natural coloring, and beets have something for you. We will tell you about all its benefits and how to concoct a mask to benefit from it. We even give you a very gentle coloring technique. Your Hair will take a little juice!

What Are The Benefits Of Beets For Hair?

As a superfood for its benefits, Beetroot, or its juice, is excellent for sensitized, fragile, dull Hair, losing speed or volume. People with alopecia or common hair disorders will especially love it! Those who like to concoct their homemade beauty products will be included.

Beets Help Reduce Common Scalp Problems

With beets, you can say goodbye to many ailments your Hair may encounter daily, such as a dry scalp, itching and unsightly dandruff. Beets will reduce these inconveniences thanks to their anti-itching, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. The large amount of potassium and vitamin B9 will balance the scalp and strengthen it.

Beet Stimulates And Strengthens Weak Hair

Beet strengthens, but it also fights against hair loss by activating growth. Potassium will promote the formation of keratin, which will stimulate hair growth. As for vitamin B9, it will play a role in stimulating hair follicles; that is to say, it will promote cell regeneration of tissues. For more robust, boosted and thicker Hair. And it is from the root that the reinforcement is played! By regulating blood circulation, Beetroot will genuinely strengthen the hair roots.

Beets Make Hair Shine

Is your Hair dull? Beets also have the power to restore shine to Hair. It owes it to its high concentration of iron, which, in addition to affecting hair growth and strength, will make it shinier.

Beets Naturally Colour Hair

As you have already noticed, cutting your Beetroot into small cubes in a mixed salad left a red color on your fingers that you had trouble removing even after several washes. And for a good reason, beets are an excellent natural dye! Its dye, called betanin, is a red-coloured pigment belonging to the group of betacyanins, a subclass of betalains. In short, you need to know that it is the majority dye contained in beetroot juice and has the power to color your Hair. The highlights may be red, burgundy or pink, depending on your natural color.

How To Use Beets On Your Hair?

As good in a smoothie as on the Hair, beets can be drunk and applied to the Hair as a mask or natural dye.

Use Beetroot As A Natural Red Dye

This method is for all those who wish to color their Hair naturally and want pretty red highlights, even some burgundy shades. Note that this homemade hair color recipe will darken your Hair.

To make your home color, you will need the following:

  1. The number of red beets necessary to obtain approximately 200 ml of juice;
  2. Vegetable oil of your choice (coconut, olive, argan, castor oil, etc.);
  3. A juice extractor.

Dye preparation steps:

  1. Cold press the beets using a juice extractor;
  2. Mix the beetroot juice obtained with your oil which will be used to give consistency to your dye.

The realization of the coloring:

  1. We advise you to wear gloves for the application of the coloring;
  2. Apply the beet + oil mixture generously to all of your Hair;
  3. Wrap your Hair in cellophane or in a towel (which you don’t care too much about…);
  4. Leave on for at least an hour;
  5. Rinse with clean water and wash your Hair with a suitable shampoo or at least a mild shampoo.
  6. Beet hair mask to boost volume and stimulate hair growth.

This beetroot hair mask recipe is perfect for anyone who wants to stimulate hair growth and possibly prevent density loss. As for coffee, it will block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone responsible for hair loss. And it’s scientifically proven! According to several studies that we have been able to consult, applying caffeine to the Hair would increase hair growth by 30% to 40%. Especially since coffee is also an excellent ingredient to bring volume to the Hair!

To make this mask, you will need the following:

  1. Beet juice;
  2. Ground coffee.

The stages of preparation of the treatment:

  1. Mix the beetroot juice with the ground coffee;
  2. It’s already ready!

Performing the treatment:

  1. Wet your Hair;
  2. Apply the mask all over the Hair as if you were shampooing;
  3. Massage your scalp for a few minutes;
  4. Rinse your Hair with a mild shampoo.

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