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Chapped, Dry Lips: What To Do?

Chapped lips affect a large proportion of the population in cold weather. But many must be aware that this problem could easily be avoided by carefully applying for the right protection throughout the year. To have perfectly healthy lips and avoid chapping, taking care of them daily and applying a protective treatment, even on sunny days, is essential.

Why Do We Have Dry Lips?

The lips are a part of the body poor in hydrolipidic film. This film is created from sebum and sweat, and its mission is to retain water to prevent evaporation. This film cannot, therefore, protect this area of ​​the body, which will more easily become dehydrated. This fragility makes the lips dry out quickly when confronted with external aggressions such as the sun and cold and dry air.

How To Hydrate?

As you have understood, even if the lips are much more easily chapped in winter, you should not be content to protect them during this season. A preventive solution should be applied daily, including in summer. This regularity will help you keep your lips in perfect condition and face winter calmly. For this, your best ally will be a rich balm with an enveloping texture that will play a triple role: strengthen the lips, moisturize and protect them. Applying at least three times a day is recommended for hydrated lips.

Daily Gestures

Daily hydration throughout the year, therefore, plays an essential preventive role. By taking the reflex to apply a treatment very regularly, you will avoid the too consequent impacts of external aggressions such as cold and pollution. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, moistening the lips with saliva does not hydrate them. Indeed, even if you feel comfort and well-being when you moisten your dry lips, you should know that saliva will accentuate the feelings of dehydration and discomfort. 

Similarly, biting your lips when they are chapped is a very inadvisable gesture; it contributes even more to weakening the epidermis and damaging it. The skin is subject to daily aggressions, and our lips suffer first. You have all noticed it, 5 times thinner than the skin of the face, you often find your lips dry, chapped or cracked due to aggressive factors for your lips. 

Like the nose in the middle of the face, it is one of the first things you notice on the face. Essential accessory of beauty, and it would not be wise not to pay attention to it. Very fragile, they must endure the vagaries of the seasons, your diet and daily habits. To better act against this aesthetic scourge, let’s see why we have chapped lips together.

Why Do We Have Chapped Lips?

It is essential to know how our body works to understand the reasons for this phenomenon of chapped lips. The lips are covered with very thin skin, which does not produce a hydrolipidic film. For those who don’t know, it is a substance secreted by the sebaceous glands to retain sweat, preventing water’s rapid evaporation on the skin—the protection they don’t have.

Devoid of sebaceous glands, your thin lips do not have the protection necessary for daily hydration. Very much in demand to communicate and eat, they have neither the time nor the means to heal themselves. Saliva does not help with its acid components which constantly attack it. However, some people have gotten into the habit of moistening their lips to reduce their dryness and soothe it. 

A completely normal thought when we see that the saliva is wet, while it only produces the opposite effect. Saliva dries out the epidermis and evaporates what little natural moisture your lips can produce. In winter, the effect is even worse. The wind and the cold dry out our skin even more and dehydrate it. For this reason, when it is chilly, your lips tend to crack, and the corners become irritated and chapped. Even the sun does not spare it, and UV rays cause redness. 

  1. Pollution could also impact the cellular functioning of your skin, particularly concerning skin regeneration, which would promote the appearance of cracks.  
  2. Your diet can also influence your lips. It has been noticed that the consumption of spice and salt causes dryness on the skin.
  3. Acidic foods could also have an impact on your skin.
  4. Breathing could also affect the drying out of your lips, so taking care of them daily is important. 
  5. The lips, a fragile part of your face, will undergo all factors, such as fatigue or stress and can be impacted.

It is a weak muscle that requires daily care and protection. To beautify your smile and maintain healthy skin, you will need to take a closer look at all your habits, which, even if they seem trivial, impact the beauty of your face. To remedy this permanently, here are some practical tips to apply regularly to have lips that are more resistant and less sensitive to the vagaries of everyday life. 

How To Protect Your Lips Before Chapping?

By knowing everything that can cause chapped lips, you can more easily avoid anything that could cause it. It would be best if you also promoted daily beauty gestures. More than a trend, lip balms and sticks beautify your smile and protect and nourish your lips. Just be sure to choose the right products with natural active ingredients to care for your skin, for example.

Lip balms also have moisturizing and sun protection functions that keep the skin of your lips soft and elastic. Applying a daily diaper sheet allows you to have faster results. It is advisable not to use products composed of an allergenic agent. Also, remember to exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin

Grandma’s recipes are available online to help you, such as the mixture of sugar and honey that revitalizes your lips.  But above all, adopt new habits and avoid actions that promote the drying out of your skin. Do not moisten your lips with your saliva; avoid biting them, but drink water to keep beautiful, healthy lips.

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