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Five Excellent Beauty Tips To Be Radiant On New Year’s Eve

It’s time to bring out the big game! If on the look side, we don’t hesitate to put on our 31; our beauty treatment also deserves something extra. Our radiance tips to be dazzling from head to toe.

How To Sublimate Your Skin Texture With A Satin Foundation?

If you want to enhance your complexion:

  1. Start on a reasonable basis.
  2. After applying your treatment, wait a few seconds.
  3. Take a dab of primer, intended to blur wrinkles and dilated pores, as well as to strengthen the hold of make-up.
  4. Stretch the product from the inside to the outside of the face.
  5. Continue with the application of a satin foundation, not mark the features.
  6. Apply it with a brush, always from the center towards the contours, making sure to blend the material well.
  7. Go down to the chin, then the neck, to avoid any distinction.

No need to powder unless you have oily, shine-prone skin.

Foundations We Love:

  1. La Base de Teint Primer, T. LeClerc, €35: without silicones, it forms an invisible and evanescent film on the skin’s surface and facilitates foundation application.
  2. Phyto Teint Nude, Sisley, €71: enriched with hyaluronic acid, kiwi, and konjac, hydrates and boosts radiance.
  3. Always Fabulous foundation base, Bourjois, €15: it is suitable for all skin tones and helps prepare the skin and protect it against pollution.

Lipstick And Nail Polish: Make Way For Vibrant Colors!

Lower the masks, and it’s the big comeback of lipstick! Please put it in the spotlight with vibrant colors. A natural red that instantly illuminates the face, a fuchsia that sublimates dull complexions and gives the illusion of whiter teeth, or a coral that makes fair complexions shine. On the nails, too, dare the frank colors. 

Opt for a tone that perfectly matches that of your mouth or for a deeper lacquer, black, khaki, or even navy. If you are a fan of brighter shades, let yourself be tempted by bronze, rose gold, or gold. Apply a base and two coats of lacquer, and cover with a top coat for optimal shine.

Lipstick, Varnish: Our Favorite Products

  1. Rouge Lips Mat, Masters Colors, €30: enriched with anti-wrinkle and nourishing ingredients, this matte lipstick does not dry out the lips.
  2. Turn Bright After Sunset, OPI, €14.50: this deep and luminous gray-black nail polish, with holographic reflections, enhances all outfits.
  3. Fluid Mat Lipstick Formula Pura, Deborah, €14: made from 95% natural ingredients, this liquid lipstick is easy to apply thanks to its foam tip.

Glitter Lacquer And Oil: The Winning Combo

Yes, to the glitter effect, but in moderation. You can fix your hairstyle with a veil of glitter hairspray, to be diffused 20 cm from the hair, or apply a hint of golden powder to your hair, which is left free. If you prefer to make your skin sparkle, use glitter oil to be massaged in touches on the shoulders and legs. The alternative? Mix a gold blush with body milk to create a tailor-made formula. Finally, if you wear tights, you can cover them with glitter hairspray, for luminous legs are neither seen nor known.

Hair: Our Favorite Products

  1. Sparkling Hair Spray, Nocibé, €6: a spray studded with glitter, which gives the hair the look of jewelry.
  2. Huile Prodigieuse Or, Nuxe, €33: infused with golden pearls, this cocktail of vegetable oils nourishes the skin and envelops it in its delicate, sun-kissed fragrance.
  3. Météorites Gold Pearl, Guerlain, €56: the famous powder balls signed by Guerlain are being reinvented for a limited edition in a particular golden version for the holidays.

Décolleté: Cheat With Lifting And Tinted Formulas

This area of ​​seduction deserves your full attention if you reveal it on festive evenings. The right reflex? Before going to bed:

  1. Apply a mask that will prevent the skin from creasing during the night. You can also use it just before the party.
  2. In addition, apply a firming treatment, which creates a mesh and acts as a mini-lift.
  3. If you want a slight bluff, consider tinted formulas, such as BB creams or tinted milk, and products that contain golden pearls.

Enough to fade wrinkles and brown spots as if by magic.

Unique Bust And Décolleté Products To Test:

  1. Essence de Beauté Sublime Face and Neckline Mask, Dr. Pierre Ricaud, €45: leave on for ten minutes; this leave-in treatment is removed with a tissue.
  2. Extra-Firming Neck & Décolleté, Clarins, €70: a formula that lifts the décolleté and gives it a smoother, plumper appearance.
  3. Liberté Décolleté, Apricot at Nocibé, €43: a reusable patch that acts as a shield during the night and prevents the wrinkled effect when you wake up.

Light Up Your Hair!

If the fancy option with sequins and jewel bar does not tempt you, enhance your material and highlight it first by rinsing it thoroughly after washing and avoiding overloading the hair with too many styling products. Instead, bet on fluids that tighten the scales. Once your brushing is done, use a shine spray or a drop of oil to finish, which allows the hair fiber to catch the light like never before.

Three Products To Test:

  1. Elseve Dream Long Magic Treatment 8 seconds, L’Oréal, €7.60: in a few seconds, this silicone-free treatment sublimates the hair and allows it to retain its lightness.
  2. Shiny Ever After Finishing Spray, GHD, €20 is an illuminating product that also helps tame frizz and fights static electricity.
  3. This Is a Shimmering Mist, Davines, €20.10: as a finish to styling, it sublimates brushings and straight hair and highlights the hair.

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