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Hand Reflexology: How It Works

We should find the beginnings, standards, and strategies of hand reflexology, an old practice that helps the entire body, along with plantar reflexology. Palm, back, and fingers are like feet for plantar reflexology, a comprehensive guide of the whole human body. 

Hand reflexology instructs that by kneading the reflex focuses relating to the different organs with a particular goal in mind, one follows up on the actual organs, invigorating them to respond and unblock a breaking down state. Let’s see how.

Origin Of Hand Reflexology

The hand reflexology technique was already known 5000 years ago, both in India and China. An archaeological find of a hand and foot massage was discovered in ancient Egypt in the cemetery of Sakkara. A very significant wall painting for reflexology was found there. It is the ” tomb of the doctors, “for the scenes represented there depict operations: an amputation, an operation on the teeth, and a foot and palm massage. 

Hand reflexology, together with that of the feet, was already known and practiced in those days. He realized that by applying pressure to specific body parts, he could perform minor operations on the nose and throat without anesthesia. The same began to draw a longitudinal human body map, from the fingers and toes to the top of the head.

Experimenting with hand massage himself, he cited, for example, how the contractions of labor were better tolerated and childbirth was accelerated by making the parturient squeeze two combs about ten centimeters long with both hands and applying pressure to her feet.

Hand Map And Reflex Points 

In humans, as hand reflexology claims, there is a charge of vital energy that passes longitudinally through the nerve channels, the primary condition of good health. Every obstacle and block to this energy is the cause of a change in the physiological balance and functionality of the organism. There is an accurate zonal map of the hand. 

The palm is a crossroads of nerve endings and connections throughout the body. The organs stimulated in hand to restore the good health of the human body are mainly found in the palm .On the back of the hand, you can identify the mouth, teeth, internal nose, throat, larynx and trachea, bronchi, rib cage, groin, uterine tubes, and vas deferens. 

The head is located in the palm, the reflex zone of which completely occupies the second phalanx of the thumb; the frontal sinuses correspond to the tips of the thumb, index, middle, ring, and little fingers. The eyes are located at the base and first phalanx of the index and middle fingers. The ears, the ring’s bottom, the first phalanx, and little fingers. The solar plexus is identifiable between the thumb and forefinger.

This area, together with the central area of ​​the palm, helps treat anxiety conditions in reflexology. In general, right-hand reflexology treats the organs on the right side of the body, and left-hand reflexology treats the organs on the left side. The outer area of ​​the right hand corresponds to the liver, while the heart is reflected in the outer space of ​​the left hand.

The joints can also be stimulated: shoulder, arm, leg, hip, and central organs, stomach, diaphragm, duodenum, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, intestine and colon, appendix, rectum, anus, heart, spleen, thyroid, cervical vertebrae, indeed in this last case, when it is not possible to intervene directly because the cervical can present an inflammatory state, plantar reflexology or palmar reflexology can be handy.

Self-Massage And Hand Reflexology 

Self-massage is also possible and recommended for hand reflexology. Hand massage, more than a foot massage, lends itself to being done on yourself and can give moments of authentic well-being. You don’t need to be an expert or know Indian or Chinese traditions by heart. 

A good hand reflexology applied to yourself is made even more effective by learning how to listen to your body. Experience teaches that the first indication to follow is the painful response to pressure on specific points of the hands: it is necessary to massage until the pain begins to disappear, like undoing a knot.

How Do You Massage Your Hand?

The hand massage begins by mobilizing the wrist joint in all possible directions, flexion, rotation, and extension. We then move on to the general solicitation of the hand, with rubbing, to warm it up and activate it: the writing is stimulated in all its components, therefore: muscles, joints, tendons. It is then the turn of the finger massage, starting from the root and going up toward the fingertips and nails. 

The back of the hand must be treated with more extraordinary delicacy, as it is poorly protected by muscle mass compared to the palm. Once tensions and painful points have been identified, firm and energetic pressure must be exerted with the thumb or other fingers accompanied by a slow and deep, regular and constant rotation in the area under consideration; the pressure to be exercised is subjective and, in case of pain, depends on the personal capacity to bear it. If the point hurts, it often means that the right area is being treated and that the action of the massage is starting to take effect.

Where Hand Reflexology Is Practiced

Today there are schools that, together with yoga, plantar reflexology, or other alternative practices, are starting to include hand reflexology in their programs (courses and actual practices). They are schools that contemplate both ancient Chinese massage and Indian reflexology. 

The important thing is to choose accredited teachers able to range across the various disciplines to transmit complete knowledge, not only of the technique or the points of the hand to press but also of the cultural references to the related fields.


Palmar reflexology, thanks to its non-invasive impact and the results that can be achieved in the event of alterations or dysfunctions of organs and systems in the various areas of the body, has no contraindications in its execution.

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