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How To Fight Spring Fatigue?

Find out how to combat spring fatigue caused by changing seasons thanks to a healthy diet, a more active life, and the right amount of sleep. Spring fatigue, also known as ” spring sickness, “is a prevalent condition in the transition period from the winter season to the warmer months: it is a feeling of generalized fatigue that almost seems to have no specific cause. Although spring is generally considered a time of rebirth, it may have also happened to you to experience the days that announce the beautiful season with a sense of exhaustion. Do not worry: it is an entirely normal situation that, although annoying, has specific causes and can be easily contrasted with some good remedies. So let’s see what it is and how to fight spring fatigue.

Spring Fatigue: Symptoms And Causes

The drop in energy typical of the change of season often brings symptoms such as nervousness, drowsiness, digestive disorders, asthenia, and even entire episodes of insomnia. To accompany the lengthening of the days and the increase in temperatures, there may also be mood swings, poor concentration, and intense irritability. What causes these psychophysical states to clash with the environment that awakens from the long winter hibernation? 

The mechanisms underlying this condition are different, but we can say that spring sickness is closely related to the stress the organism has to face to adapt to new external needs, such as changes in climate and light. His daily rhythms undergo essential variations, and his hormonal balances and a transition period are necessary to adapt to the change. Therefore, it is an utterly physiological reaction of the body, and the fragility you feel in early spring does not necessarily have to be seen as something to be fought. However, some healthy daily habits can support you.

How To Fight Spring Fatigue?

There are many strategies to regain your vitality as soon as possible: from nutrition to sport, from supplementation to rest. Here are the main remedies you can adopt immediately to start the day full of energy.

A Balanced Diet

As often happens, a more than valid help to promote the well-being of the body and mind comes from nutrition. A healthy, varied, and well-balanced diet can counteract typical spring numbness. The best choice is to provide the body with a lighter diet than in winter. The general rule is to eliminate excessively heavy or abundant meals from your days and instead prefer light and nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. It is essential, then, to ensure a sufficient intake of vitamins. For example, vitamin C is necessary. Able to ensure the practical work of the immune system and present in foods such as citrus fruits and kiwis, green leafy vegetables, peppers, and tomatoes. 

Also not to be neglected is a correct intake of all the B vitamins, which are rich in legumes, vegetables, egg white, whole grains, and vitamin A, which you can find in milk and its derivatives and eggs. In yellow or orange fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, you can discover carotenoids, precursors of vitamin A and equally beneficial for the well-being of the body. Finally, proper hydration is also not to be underestimated, and the intake of minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and copper, is essential to allow the body to do its physiological cycles.

Movement And Physical Activity

It is now a recognized fact: a healthier and more active life helps keep the organism in good health and allows you to keep both reactivity, muscle tone, and mental dynamism in excellent condition. Your energy level and mood are directly influenced by the amount of sport you practice daily. Therefore, physical activity is one of the main remedies for spring sickness. There is no need to be a great sportsman to benefit from this healthy habit. 

Even walking in the fresh air or physical exercise at home can allow you to reach your goal. Playing a sport regularly is a routine capable of significantly improving the psychophysical condition, not only in spring but throughout the year. In short, sweating is suitable for any period and season. Exposing yourself to the sun and fresh air also immediately awakens your body and instantly increases your energy reserves. Disciplines such as meditation and yoga are also perfect for helping you combat work stress and manage situations of anxiety and nervousness.

A Good Restful Sleep

It may seem strange, but one of the ways to combat spring fatigue in some ways can be precisely to indulge in it. How? Making sure you get the right amount of sleep and listening to your needs. The hours of night rest are essential. Especially in this delicate period, you should avoid irregular hours and enter into harmony with the new natural cycles, perhaps also re-evaluating the waking and sleeping times you had in winter to adapt them to seasonal ones. Don’t say no to a short daytime nap if you feel the need – your body tells you it needs an extra stop to recharge. In short, adopting new habits and moving in harmony with your body is the best method to counteract the typical tiredness of the change of season and return in a short time to the vibrant and super-active life you love to lead.

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