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Hair Health: Discover Biotin And What It Can Do

Hair Health: In addition to following a balanced diet and focusing on the practice of daily exercises for a healthy life, the aesthetic concern is also a demand to achieve a good appearance and well-being.

An example that has been drawing attention is the use of biotin to maintain hair health. After all, keeping the wires smooth and silky requires very particular care. From this point of view, some daily habits may not make this condition possible. Therefore, reviewing your lifestyle and looking for a specialist doctor to invest in a product that offers the desired results is interesting.

There are many possibilities to treat and strengthen the wires through supplements. Among the alternatives is biotin. So stay with us and learn more about it. Good reading!

What Is Biotin

Found in whole grains, biotin is a complex of B vitamins, also known as vitamin B7 or H. In short, it helps the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, and lipids contained in our main meals.

Thus, it serves to preserve the recommended amount of proteins in the body, stimulates the generation of blood cells, and assists in hair health. Other foods contain this substance, such as cashews, mushrooms, avocados, salmon, boiled eggs, and peanuts. Beef liver, oats, carrots, greens, milk, bananas, and apples are good options.

The Action Of Biotin In The Body

First, biotin is a fundamental vitamin for the proper functioning of our body. However, the body does not store it and needs to be replaced frequently. Whether through a balanced diet or the ingestion of manipulated supplements.

Regarding hair health, it is an essential element in keratin production. In this way, biotin contributes positively to making hair silkier and healthier. In addition, it ensures the formation of collagen to promote skin resistance and help strengthen nails.

Antioxidants stop the effects of free radicals, remove them from the body and promote cell protection. They are found in natural foods rich in vitamins C, A, and E and help meet free radicals’ demand for electrons.

However, some external factors also contribute to the increase in the formation of such molecules by our body, such as chemical additives, environmental pollution, and ultraviolet radiation. Not to mention the consumption of cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and fried foods. Therefore, a diet rich in antioxidants prevents us from problems such as cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, atherosclerosis, and Alzheimer’s.

The Main Advantages Of This Asset

Biotin also helps fight free radicals, has antioxidant action, and promotes skin health. Therefore, preventing premature aging and bringing more benefits to the skin is essential.

Regarding hair health, it is a powerful asset and helps to solve the problem of hair loss and helps treat seborrheic dermatitis. In addition, it keeps your nails strong and prevents them from becoming brittle.

Lastly, it also improves the regulation of blood glucose levels and helps with weight management. However, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting any supplementation. After all, knowing the dosage and how long the patient should take is essential.

Biotin Supplementation And Hair Health

Initially, it is possible to invest in biotin intake through food. For this, the nutritionist will make a diet rich in vitamin B7. However, it is interesting to focus on supplementation for those with nutritional deficiencies.

Typically, doses can range from 30 to 100 mcg. However, a lot depends on the person’s age and the doctor’s opinion. Therefore, do not practice self-medication and invest in personalized service for a solution that suits your needs.

This content taught you that biotin helps strengthen nails, promotes skin elasticity, and contributes to hair health. Therefore, look for a trusted master pharmacy when you need this type of supplementation.

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