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How To Moisturize Frizzy, Frizzy, And Curly Hair?

Is your hair dry? Hydration is essential for good hair health. Hydrated hair is supple, soft, manageable, and shiny hair. There are several possibilities to moisturize your hair daily, and we will see the different ways and tips to moisturize dry, curly, frizzy, and frizzy hair. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your curls. Hair hydration is like the body, and it needs water. A moisturizer will therefore include water, but not only.

Homemade Moisturizer

You have various ways to create a moisturizing lotion, and you have several options. You will need a water spray and mineral water, the base, to create your lotion. Then you can add moisturizing active ingredients. As a reminder, water alone will not hydrate the hair because the water will evaporate.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oil is one of the active ingredients to add to your spray to hydrate your hair—at least the equivalent of three tablespoons in your spray bottle filled about 3/4 full of mineral water. The choice of oil will be made according to your needs (nourishing, fortifying, growth…). After pouring the oil into your spray bottle, shake before spraying on your hair so that the water and the oil merge. 

The water will hydrate, and the oil will form a barrier to prevent the water from evaporating. Massage the lengths to the tips. This method of hydration is more suitable for curly to frizzy hair. On the other hand, spraying water directly on the hair and applying vegetable oil afterward will result in a greasy deposit because the oil will be deposited in the water. Hydration will not be completed. As a reminder, water, and oil do not mix.


It is a humectant of vegetable origin, and its power is to retain water. Glycerin is thick in texture and translucent in color. Add a little to your spray bottle of water, shake well, then spray on your hair. The water will hydrate as well as the glycerin, and this will retain the water. You can spray the water directly on the lengths, apply the glycerin afterward, and then massage it. Be careful because glycerin in large quantities will have the opposite effect. Glycerin does not mix with oil, so do not add vegetable oil to the vaporizer.


It is a humectant, and it also moisturizes the hair. In your kitchen, you can find treasures for your curls; honey is one of them. Choose organic honey because not all honey is created equal. It will be easier to apply it directly to dampened lengths. Apply sparingly so as not to end up with sticky hair. The ideal would be to add honey to prepare a moisturizing mask.

Aloe Vera

The best hair moisturizer! You can use it in gel or juice. In juice, you can add it to your mineral water vaporizer or add a vegetable oil of your choice. However, the preparation will keep cool. Aloe vera in fresh gel (extracted from the plant) or in a tube will be applied directly to the lengths. The gel has a gelatinous texture.

Hydrolat/Floral Water

Instead of mineral water, you can replace it with hydrosol or floral water. They have interesting virtues depending on the choice of it, stimulation of the growth, strengthening, limiting the fall, limiting the breakage… Please pay attention to the conservation of your preservative-free lotion. It should be at most two weeks of use. So, do it according to your hair so as not to waste the product.

What Products Moisturize Dry Curly, Frizzy, And Frizzy Hair?

Apart from preparing its moisturizing lotion, you can get ready-to-use care if you need more time to compose it. As explained above, a moisturizer must be composed of water.

Moisturizing Spray

The spray must be composed of water and supplemented with vegetable oils and other active moisturizing ingredients. Essential oils can be part of the composition. Shake and spray on your hair, then massage the lengths and the scalp.

Moisturizing Milk/Leave In Conditioner

With a light, semi-liquid to semi-thick texture, moisturizing milk or leave-in contains water and various moisturizing active ingredients. Water should be first on the list of ingredients for moisturizing power. It is perfectly suited for frizzy, curly, or curly hair. Apply the product in small quantities to each dry or damp hair section and then massage over the entire length. A little tip, you can add a little bit of milk or leave it to your water spray instead of vegetable oil.


You have the choice to moisturize your hair daily. Test several (not in the same week) and choose the one that suits you best. Do not hesitate to spray or apply your treatment on the scalp to hydrate it too. Remember to seal the moisture after moisturizing using a nourishing butter, oil, or cream. Your dry hair will say goodbye to you with one of these methods. Part your hair in sections during the moisturizing session, then take care of one section after another for easier application and better distribution of products.

ATTENTION, more than the application of water alone will be needed. The water will evaporate as soon as it has dried. It is unnecessary to saturate the hair with a product and find the right dosage. It is also unnecessary to moisturize your hair every day; every other or third day should be sufficient. More hydration will have the opposite effect. Curly and frizzy hair can refresh its curls by spraying a little water in the morning. Mineral water is best, as tap water can be a little too hard, and this can cause dryness and dandruff.

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