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Make Your Apple Chips: The Low-Calorie Snack Is So Easy

Potato chips are out – prefer apple chips. Not only do they taste super delicious, but they also contain essential vitamins & – little fat. We’ll tell you how you can make low-calorie apple chips yourself quickly and easily.

Dried fruit is the perfect snack for anyone who wants to lose weight and is looking for a healthy alternative to chips and chocolate. Homemade apple chips are delicious and low in calories. They taste intensely like sweet fruit, and the best thing is that all the valuable ingredients of the apple are retained when dried gently. Apple chips are rich in vitamins, minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, and phytochemicals. We’ll show you how you can easily make the crunchy apple chips yourself.

Which Apples Are Best For Homemade Apple Chips?

Whether sweet, sour, crunchy, or floury: you can use any apple to make your apple chips. That depends entirely on your personal preferences – whatever tastes good is allowed. However, sweet varieties are best suited for making apple chips.

Elstar or Boskop, for example, are ideal. On the other hand, Fallen fruit is often not suitable – the apples usually have bruises, which affects the taste of the dried fruit.

This Is How Easy It Is To Make Your Apple Chips:

There are several ways to make apple chips yourself in the oven, in the air, or even in the microwave. We’ll show you how easy it is.

Make Your Apple Chips In The Oven

The most common method for making homemade apple chips is to dry the fruit slices in the oven. This is not only relatively quick – the apple rings also become nice and crispy in the range and still retain their sweet taste.

And This Is How It Works:

  1. Preheat the oven to 80 degrees Celsius (circulating air).
  1. Wash the apple, pat dry, and remove the core if necessary. Then cut into thin slices. This works best with a sharp kitchen knife or a fruit or vegetable slicer.

Tip: The thinner you cut the apple, the crunchier the chips will be at the end. It is best to cut them about 3-5 mm thick.

  1. Place the apple slices next to each other on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and dry in the oven for about three hours. Ensure that the apple slices do not overlap; otherwise, they will not be crispy. And: Place the baking tray directly in the preheated oven; otherwise, the apples will turn brown.

Also Important: Leave the oven door slightly open (e.g., by clamping in a wooden spoon) so that the moisture can escape from the oven. This is the only way to make the apple chips nice and crunchy.

  1. Let the finished apple chips cool down sufficiently. Then pack them airtight, so they stay nice and crispy. By the way, you don’t have to sweeten the healthy chips, as they already contain 50 percent fructose due to the drying process – but a pinch of cinnamon, which you sprinkle on the cold apple slices before eating, is delicious.

Make Apple Chips Yourself Without An Oven

You don’t necessarily need an oven to make apple chips yourself. The snack in between can also be made without a range – by drying the apple rings on the heater. The downside: You need patience: it can easily take a week until the apple rings are ready to serve.

After you cut the apple into thin slices, you should soak them in a bowl of water and lemon juice for about 5 minutes. The acid keeps the rings from turning brown when they air dry.

Cover a baking tray with the thin apple slices and then place the tray on the heater or – in a sunny place. After about a week, the apple chips are ready to eat.

Tip: Place a screen or cloth over the fruit to keep flies and wasps away.

Make Apple Rings Yourself With A Dehydrator

If you own a dehydrator, you can easily use it to dry your healthy apple chips. Wash the apples, pat dry, cut them into thin slices, and place them in the dehydrator. How long the drying process takes depends on the type of device. As a rule, you should expect at least six hours.

Quickly Make Apple Chips Yourself In The Microwave

You can also easily make apple chips yourself in the microwave. The advantage over the oven: the delicious snack is ready after just a few minutes.

And This Is How It Works:

Wash the apple thoroughly, and then pat it dry. Cut the apple into thin rings with a knife or a vegetable slicer – if you like, you can cut out the core beforehand. Now place the apple rings on a microwave-safe plate lined with baking paper.

Microwave the apple rings for about 5 minutes – when the edges of the rings start to curl slightly, you should turn the slices over and heat for another 30-60 seconds until the edges are crispy. Let the finished apple chips cool for about 10 minutes, and you’re done!

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