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Mango Butter: The Best To Take Care Of You

The mechanical pressing of the almond kernel obtains mango butter. This tropical fruit has significant health benefits on your plate and skin care. It is plentiful in L-ascorbic acid, unsaturated fats, and cancer prevention agents. Its varied modes of use make it an essential part of your daily life.

Mango Butter: Its Benefits For The Body

Composition Of Mango Butter

The mango tree is a tropical tree cultivated and appreciated for its delicious oval fruits. Beyond its sweet and juicy flesh, the mango contains a flat core with a fleshy almond. From this mechanically pressed almond, we obtain a rather thick butter. Once filtered, we find in mango butter:

  1. essential fatty acids ( oleic, stearic, palmitic acid)
  2. antioxidants
  3. vitamins: vitamins C, D, and E
  4. trace elements and minerals

Mango butter is rich and melting, pale yellow, solid at room temperature, and liquid above 30°C. It has excellent oxidative stability and a mild odor.

What Are The Properties Of Mango Butter?

Mango has antioxidant properties. It contains a lot of beta-carotene. A precursor to vitamin A, beta-carotene is also an excellent cancer preventative. Mixed with coconut oil, its effects will be increased tenfold. For the skin, is it still necessary to recall it? Mango butter deeply nourishes the epidermis. In case of skin dryness, do not hesitate to apply. Your skin will be hydrated and nourished. It has a softening power.

A direct consequence of good hydration and nourishing the epidermis makes the skin very soft. It protects you from external aggressions. Well hydrated, well nourished, and well softened, the skin faces winter and pollution without any problem thanks to mango butter. Mango butter and its antioxidant power will help you keep beautiful skin and preserve its youth. Also, because it smells and is comforting, it will do your spirit good. This vegetable butter is a real asset for general well-being.

Using Mango Butter: A Short Guide To These Multiple Uses

Mango butter can be applied directly to the skin of the face, body, lips, or hair. Apply the butter in the palm of your hand to soften and soften it, then place it on the area to be treated, massaging it in. Demand the driest regions, like elbows, knees, or heels.

For The Skin

At home, you can also incorporate it in the oily phase (heated to 30°C) for your type of care:

  1. hair or a face mask;
  2. shampoo or conditioner;
  3. moisturizing face or body balm;
  4. massage balm;
  5. firming treatment;
  6. conditioner cream;
  7. sun or after-sun care;
  8. lip balm ;
  9. making soaps.

Mango Butter For Curly Or Dry Hair

For dry or curly hair, apply the mango butter strand by strand, emphasizing the ends, style to distribute evenly, then leave on for at least an hour or even overnight. It can also be applied in the morning in very small quantities to ends or lengths to protect them all day.

Contraindications And Precautions For The Use Of Mango Butter?

Pay Attention To The Quality! Choose Pure Organic Mango Butter

We strongly recommend that you buy cold-extracted mango butter so that it retains its properties as much as possible. Organic? It’s better! The mangoes are then untreated and 100% natural. This mention guarantees the absence of solvents or chemical preservatives. In addition, if the mango tree growing process is fair. Good quality mango butter can be stored in a dry place, away from light and heat.

Zero Contraindications For Mango Butter, But Always Without Excess

Mango butter has no contraindications except, of course, if you are allergic. Remember that it is very rich and can accelerate the production of sebum in the scalp and therefore oil the hair faster. As with any natural product, be careful:

  1. Avoid butter masks on your hair too often
  2. Massage the butter well to make it penetrate the skin and avoid a greasy film.

Mango Butter: 4 Recipes To Take Care Of Yourself Gently

For Mornings Full Of Energy

We spoke to you above about the association of mango with coconut oil. The latter intensifies the benefits of mango. Here is the first recipe for your sweet sandwiches.


  1. 1 large mango
  2. 100ml coconut oil
  3. 1 tbsp sugar or equivalent (at your convenience)
  4. 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Depending on the outside temperature, melt the coconut oil in a bain-marie. Above 25°C, it is liquid. To keep all its virtues, try not to heat it too high (no more than 40°C). Peel the mango and cut it into pieces. Place them in a blender. Add the sugar and vanilla. Mix everything. Add the coconut oil in a drizzle. When an emulsion forms, stop blending. Leave to cool in an airtight jar. Then place it in the fridge.

Homemade Recipe – Mango Butter

Used as an ointment, mango butter provides us with powerful nourishing and moisturizing properties.  Keywords natural beauty, body butter, vegetable butter, hydration Preparation time15 minutes


  1. 30 g organic mango butter and cold extract
  2. 10 ml organic, cold-extracted sesame oil
  3. 10 ml oily calendula macerate
  4. 20 drops of Palmarosa essential oils


  1. Melt the butter, oil, and oily macerate.
  2. Add the essential oil to your preparation.
  3. Mix until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
  4. It’s ready; you can apply it on the dry areas.

A Delicious And Moisturizing Mango Lip Balm


  1. 3g mango butter
  2. 2g shea butter
  3. 1.5g beeswax
  4. 6 g sweet almond oil
  5. 2 drops of vitamin E
  6. 2 drops of sweet orange essence
  7. Melt the butter and beeswax in a bain-marie.
  8. The latter mix well from 60°C.
  9. Once well melted, add the sweet almond oil, then the vitamin E and the essence of orange.
  10. Using a whisk, mix well. Leave to harden in a small airtight jar.

Mango Butter: Care For Curly And Frizzy Hair


  1. 6g mango butter
  2. 3g yangu oil
  3. 3g Brazil nut oil
  4. 3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil
  5. Mix the ingredients until you get a fairly homogeneous texture.
  6. Apply it as a hair mask after shampooing your curly hair.

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