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Real Lightweights: Healthy Snacks With A Maximum Of 100 kcal

We all know it: During the diet, we manage to eat healthy for breakfast, lunch, dinner. But the time between these meals is quite difficult. We eat something and are unaware of how many calories are in this supposedly small snack. And especially in the evening in front of the television, it happens quickly: we want to take a very small piece of chocolate. Or maybe a second one. And since the pack is already open anyway, it’s not worth leaving anything left, and we’ll throw our weight loss plans overboard again in no time.

Low-Calorie Snacks: They Exist!

Of course, you don’t have to do without your beloved snacks, because somehow something is missing if you don’t have anything to snack on in front of the TV in the evening. So don’t panic: there are plenty of healthy snacks with less than 100 calories that you can eat without a guilty conscience.

A 125 g apple has about 67 kcal – would you have thought that? Pretty little compared to a chocolate bar that has a good 100 kcal. 

Of course, the low-calorie snacks also include various types of vegetables that you can eat your fill of without hesitation.

Low-Calorie Snacks: A Maximum Of 100 kcal Guaranteed!

We took a look around and put together the best snacks with a maximum of 100 kcal for you. The nutritional information refers to the ‘Heseker nutritional value table’ from Umschau Verlag and has been converted to classic portions. However, since there are big differences in the food, you should always look at the packaging.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to track which snacks are allowed in a diet and which are not. Healthy does not necessarily mean low in calories. And in addition to the healthy snacks, there are also a few tough foods. It would be best to avoid this during the diet or only eat it in small quantities.

Five Unhealthy Snacks That Pack A Punch:


It is such a delicious wheat roll from the bakery with cheese, salami, and a good portion of mayo. It tastes really good. And it can’t be that unhealthy. After all, there’s lettuce on a roll. Oh but! Such a sandwich has a lot to offer and, with around 500 calories, is just as unhealthy as a cheeseburger. Our tip: It’s better to grab a multigrain roll from the bakery and then top it yourself with low-fat turkey breast or an egg. It’s much healthier and tastes at least as good.


We know that there are an incredible number of calories in chips. But they taste so good, and especially in front of the TV, a bag of chips is eaten up very quickly. Fatally, because A bag of chips has a total of 1088 (!) Calories. Our tip: try to use oven-roasted vegetables instead of chips. For example, you can cut zucchini, peppers, or aubergine into very thin slices and let them brown in the oven. If you then season the vegetables a bit and, for example, make a dip from low-fat quark and fresh herbs, it tastes really good.


Nuts are a natural product and therefore cannot make you fat. WRONG thought! One hundred grams of nuts have around 600 calories and approximately 50 grams of fat. Our tip: Eat in moderation! Nuts are healthy. They contain lots of vitamins, keep you fit, and are even said to prevent cancer. We recommend a small handful of nuts a day. Almonds, cashews, walnuts, and Brazil nuts are the healthiest. 


The work colleague has once again brought a cake. The best friend has a birthday, or the mother-in-law is invited to a coffee party. And bang, it happens: You treat yourself to a piece of cake. Sure, it looks great and tastes so delicious! In addition, you have completely forgotten that such a piece is something special. A 100 g brownie, for example, has an impressive 466 calories, and the supposedly healthier alternative, namely the apple pie with shortcrust pastry, has around 330 calories for a 100 g piece. And let’s not even start with the cakes. A 100 g piece can quickly add up to 600 calories. Our tip: Being able to say no once in a while! And if there is no other way: preferably a small piece.


You should also be careful with cheese if you want to lose a few excess kilos. For example, Parmesan cheese has 431 calories per 100 g, and our beloved Gouda cheese has around 360 calories per 100 g. Our tip: Certain cheeses don’t have quite as many calories. For example, Shepherd’s cheese or Harz cheese would be a slightly lower-calorie alternative.

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