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Seven Tips For Cutting Your Hair

We only sometimes have the time or the means to go to the hairdresser, and the lockdowns will have taught us that sometimes you have to manage yourself! Cutting your hair alone is doable, especially if you have a little time ahead of you, the right equipment and the humility not to embark on a too-demanding cut! Today we give you some tips and techniques for cutting your hair alone (without shedding tears at the end)!

Proceed On Dry Hair

The advantage of cutting on dry hair is that you can see right away where you are, and there is less risk of cutting too much. Indeed, we observe the cut’s evolution and prune it as we go. In itself, there are no contraindications to cutting on wet hair, but you should know that they are heavier when they are damp and therefore appear longer. Now, once dry, they rise; this is even more true for curly hair, wavy hair and frizzy hair. Nevertheless, getting your hair wet may sometimes be necessary, for example, to avoid a crease or hair curling.

Arm Yourself With The Right Tools

You don’t take your kitchen scissors to cut your hair alone! Their blades are not as sharp as those of hairdressing scissors. You risk an approximate result or even damage your tips! We invest in hairdressing scissors with sharp blades that cut the hair cleanly, without burrs. You can also bring, in addition, thinning scissors. Finally, on an accessory level, you need a fine-toothed comb to draw partings, some clips, and rubber bands.

Take Your Time

Take your time, and plan to have time in front of you and a calm atmosphere to carry out the operation. Start by cutting little, even if it means returning to it, and go very gradually. It may take longer than at the hairdresser, but it avoids the scissors that go away too quickly and the disaster that follows…

Focus On Maintenance

There is a better time to let your creativity take over! Cut the ends or its bangs, refresh a straight cut, it’s ok; going from long to short hair or wanting an unstructured haircut, it’s no! If you are aiming for a radical change, it is better to entrust it to a professional who can achieve the cut while subtly adapting to your hair type and the shape of your face.

Bob Your Hair

We start by detangling her hair, dry it with a brush, and then draw a parting in the middle of the head to separate the hair in two. You must then use a rubber band to attach each part. It is placed at the desired length level and neck level for a short square, if not lower, for mid-length hair. Last step: cut straight under the elastic. All you have to do is remove the elastic and style your hair!

Cut Her Bangs

There are several schools for cutting your bangs alone. Whichever you choose, two conditions apply: cut dry and style her bangs as usual. Some hairdressers recommend taping an adhesive strip to the skin of his forehead at the desired height and cutting off any excess. Other professionals advise instead to go with the tip of the scissors and cut off bit by bit. Another method exists if you want a degraded effect: wrap a wick, twist it, place the scissors vertically and cut from the inside. If you are still hesitating to take the plunge, you can take the help of a tutorial that details the operation step by step.

Even Out Your Tips

This technique is best done on wet hair. First, you must detangle your hair well to the ends. Then, grab a strand, smooth it with your fingers, then position them above the tip you want to shorten. All you have to do is cut under your fingers, and voila! It’s a little more complex behind the head… Cutting her curly hair or her afro hair alone is not much more difficult, but you must define the curls well beforehand to know where to cut them.

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