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Wellness Routing: 10 Daily Actions To Take Care Of Skin And Spirit 

Discover The 10 Gestures Of The Wellness Routine to do every day for a hydrated and Luminous Skin. 

The Freshness Of The Morning On The Skin

Washing your face with hot water in the morning may seem comfortable, especially in winter, but well-hydrated skin is obtained with cool or warm water. Cold water on the skin counteracts dryness and dullness and promotes a  moisturizing effect that will bring luminosity and tone to the skin of the face and body. 

Beauty Soap And Water Before Sleep

Do you want smooth and clean skin? Always remove make-up before going to sleep. Detersion is an important step that can help you always have hydrated and glowing skin. The  Cetaphil Cleansing line will accompany the daily cleansing of the face before sleeping. It will also help you to reduce the impurities of the day’s pollution from your skin in a gentle way without making your skin feel dry. 

At The Table Between Taste And Well-Being

Fruits and vegetables are the ingredients that help improve skin quality. Nutrition plays a very important role in caring for your external appearance and spirit. Including five portions of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet will make you more energetic and beautiful! 

Fill Your Free Time With What You Like

Spend your time on what you like! If you live in the city, try to spend at least one weekend a month in the countryside or by the sea,  away from smog and at a fast pace. Take long walks in the open air, swim, play sports, and fill yourself with nature. Skin and soul will thank you! 

Clear And Strong Like Water

Drink lots of water, and your skin will be beautiful! Drinking up to 2 liters of water daily will help eliminate waste and toxins and promote natural skin hydration. Advice? Prefer room-temperature water to ice-cold water; it’s more thirst-quenching

Small Beauty Rituals

Take care of yourself by giving yourself a moment of beauty every day. After daily skin cleansing, apply the moisturizer from the Cetaphil line that best suits your facial and body needs. Healthy and hydrated skin also comes from these simple gestures! 

Positive Thinking Smiling, Thinking Positively, And Engaging In Relaxing Activities

Smiling, thinking positively, and dedicating yourself to relaxing activities can only positively affect your body and mind! Every morning, smile at yourself in the mirror and wish yourself a good day. Every night, before going to sleep, jot down the good things that have happened to you during the day in a notebook. Focus on the details and be amazed by the simple things.  

Yoga, The Awakening That Is Good For The Day

Is the alarm clock a real nuisance? Start the day with the benefits of yoga. You won’t need to be an expert; just a few positions will be enough to start the day with panache and energy. Doing yoga every day before your morning coffee will make you face the day with positive momentum, and your skin can only be involved! 

Self-Massage: A Cuddle To Feel Good

After a tiring day, there’s nothing better than a good massage. Every evening, dedicate a few minutes to a face and body self-massage before going to sleep. Eliminate tension and stress by massaging your face with your fingertips by making small circular movements and massaging your feet, placing a small tennis ball between the floor and the sole! To facilitate the massage and at the same time give the skin softness and hydration, use the  Cetaphil Ultra Moisturizing Fluid: just pour a small amount of product on the palm of your hand to give yourself an even softer cuddle. 

Who Sleeps… Stay Awake!

Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep, and try not to sacrifice rest hours with other activities. Sleeping 7/8 hours a night will help to obtain a relaxed face and luminous skin: correct rest is essential for those suffering from bags under the eyes and dark circles. A restful night is useful for everyone; it gives greater psycho-physical performance throughout the day and will make you more beautiful and happier!

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