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What To Replace Eggs With?

Because you no longer have any or don’t want to use them, know that it is possible to easily replace eggs in sweet and savory preparations. If  ​​considering an egg-free recipe tempts you, count on the many alternatives suggested in the rest of this article…

Understand The Role Of Eggs In Cooking To Substitute Them Better

In cooking and baking, eggs in your recipe can play the role of:

  1. Of binder. The eggs’ water, proteins and fats help bind the ingredients together to form a dough or a homogeneous mixture. The egg plays this role in soft biscuit doughs such as cakes, muffins, or meatballs.
  2. Thickener. Under heat, the coagulation of egg proteins thickens and gives consistency to creams, sauces and flans.
  3. Foaming and raising agent. Egg whites incorporate air when beaten at high speed, which brings lightness and volume to the preparations in which they are introduced. This is particularly true for meringues, sure biscuits, chocolate mousses, soufflés, etc.
  4. Coloring. Egg yolks give a beautiful, delicious golden color to various preparations. They are used in particular brown brioches and shortbread, and the egg yolk naturally colors all the recipes in which they are incorporated.

To do without eggs in your recipe, first, you need to identify the eggs’ primary function and replace them with another product that will fulfill this function. You will find substitution ideas in the rest of this article…

Replace Eggs With Mashed Banana

The banana helps bind preparations like an egg with the starch it contains. It is particularly well suited to preparing pancakes or soft chocolate cakes with which its flavor goes very well. Simply mash the flesh of your banana using a fork and add it to the rest of your ingredients. To compensate for the additional sugar the banana provides in your recipe, consider reducing the quantity of sugar initially planned. For better binding power, preferably choose a very ripe banana.

  1. ½ crushed banana = 1 egg

Substitute Apple Or Pear Compote For Eggs

In the same way as a mashed banana but with a less pronounced taste, apple or pear compote will help bind your pasta or sweet dishes. By adding moisture to your preparation it will also make it softer. Preferably, choose compote without added sugar and consider reducing the quantity of sugar in your recipe a little.

  1. 50g of compote = 1 egg

Swap Eggs For Yogurt Or Silken Tofu

To combine sweet and savory preparations without using eggs, you can also opt for fermented milk, yogurt or silken tofu for a 100% plant-based version. These products will allow you to mix the ingredients and hydrate your preparation to make it softer when eaten. So don’t hesitate to use them in all your creations for soft biscuits or savory cakes, among others!

  1. 50g yogurt/fermented milk or silken tofu = 1 egg

Swap Egg Whites For Aquafaba

If aquafaba doesn’t mean anything to you, know it is simply chickpeas cooking water. This water, which can simply be collected in a can of chickpeas, can be whipped in a mixer as you would egg whites. Containing proteins similar to those in eggs, aquafaba is abundant in the same way as egg whites. It can, therefore, be used for all preparations that require it. Aquafaba will bring them lightness and volume in a 100% plant-based version. And if you’re worried that aquafaba will add an unpleasant taste to your preparation, don’t worry! Its taste is neutral, like that of egg whites. The chickpea cooking water can be used for desserts and savory creations without affecting their flavor!

  1. 1 egg white = 30g aquafaba

Replace Eggs With Ground Chia Seeds

For all recipes that use eggs to simply “moisten” the preparation, as is the case for cookies, it is possible to substitute them with crushed chia, flax or psyllium seeds. Blend them to obtain a powder before mixing them with lukewarm water. Once rehydrated, they will form a gel that can be integrated into your preparation to replace eggs.

  1. 15g of seeds + 30ml of water = 1 egg 

Opt For Starch To Replace Eggs

If, in your recipe, the eggs are only used to thicken and give texture to the preparation, as is the case in pastry creams or certain sauces, for example, you can obtain the same result by replacing them with eggplant. Corn, potato, tapioca or even arrowroot starch.

  1. 10g of starch + 20g of water = 1 egg

OilseedI Puree Instead Of Egg Yolk

If your recipe calls for using egg yolks as a fat addition to add softness to the preparation, you can replace them with the oilseed puree of your choice. Almond, hazelnut, pistachio or even cashew nuts can be found quite easily in most supermarkets’ health or organic sections. Rich in taste, these oilseed purees can bring additional flavor to your recipe and even a certain typicality. Ensure that it goes well with the other ingredients in your recipe.

  1. 20g of oilseed puree = 1 egg yolk

Sugar And Milk To Brown Your Preparations

Are you short of egg yolk to give a beautiful golden color to your pastries and brioches? Simply replace it with a mixture of milk and cane sugar that you will apply with a brush to your preparations before putting them in the oven to obtain a beautiful amber color just as delicious as an egg!

Turmeric To Replace The Color Of Egg Yolk

Are your egg-free preparations lacking color? Simply add the equivalent of a knife’s turmeric tip to give your recipe a beautiful yellow color and replace the coloring power of egg yolk. However, be careful not to overdo it so as not to bring the taste of this potent spice to your dishes!

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