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4 Solutions To Remove Henna From Hair

Henna hair color results can be unpredictable. Do you find your hair too dark or color too far from what you expected? We have found the best solutions for removing the colored pigments of henna from your hair! But before, you must know that it is important not to make a chemical coloring on henna at the risk of causing a chemical reaction and burns at the level of your scalp. Discoloration won’t help, either.

So how do you quickly remove henna from your hair? Lightening ingredients, clarifying shampoo, or stripping solutions can make the henna disappear from your hair after several uses. And if you lack patience, you can even combine several tricks! Follow the guide and remember to nourish your hair well between several treatments.

Use And Abuse Coconut In All Its Forms

To naturally remove henna from hair, the most effective ingredient is coconut! Combined with olive oil, coconut oil will make an excellent mask to deeply moisturize your hair and a very good mixture to remove henna. Do not hesitate to apply the mixture of these two oils to all of your hair, from roots to ends, and let your hair sit overnight.

Finally, remove the oils the next morning by washing your hair. The result will not be immediate, but you will already see that your hair has lightened up and that your unwanted orange reflections are starting to fade. Repeat this treatment several times to completely remove the henna from your hair.

Exit coconut oil: make way for coconut milk or cream, which effectively removes henna from your hair! You can apply coconut milk or cream to your hair and leave it on overnight. But you can also combine green clay with coconut milk in a mask because the green clay powder will help remove the henna.

Combine Clarifying Shampoo And Oil Bath

Start by making a clarifying shampoo. Do you still need to find out what it is? It is a shampoo with greater purifying power than a classic “mild” shampoo intended for daily use. A clarifying shampoo will eliminate impurities in depth (such as residue from styling products) or even colored pigments. In addition, since it has a high pH, ​​it will open the hair scales more than a classic shampoo.

This last characteristic is very interesting for the oils penetrating deep into the hair and having little effect. Because the oils will disgorge the henna, and this, very gently, guarantees hydration and nutrition to your hair. Opt for a combo of coconut, olive, and argan oil in equal parts to make this oil bath. 

Then, generously impregnate your hair with this mixture and leave it on overnight. Cover your hair with a bathing cap to help keep the heat on your scalp for more effective action. The heat produced will help slide as many colored pigments as possible. You’ll need to shampoo twice the next morning to remove all the oil. Feel free to redo this treatment until your vegetable henna coloring is eliminated!

Concoct Yourself With A Very Gentle Mask With Honey, Chamomile, And Lemon

The honey/chamomile/lemon mixture is well-known for lightening hair. And also, to remove some of the henna pigments, don’t hesitate to make a mask! Chamomile will lighten and bring nuances to your hair, like honey, nourishing the hair in depth. As for the lemon, if it also has lightening properties, its acidity will have a stripping power of the colored pigments that you want to remove.

The citric acid in the fruit will eliminate the red or orange pigment of henna. How to proceed? As if you were making yourself a herbal tea! First, steep chamomile flowers in a cup for about 20 minutes. Leave to cool before adding 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Leave the mixture on your hair for 1 hour, then wash it. Remember to moisturize them after this mask because lemon can have a drying effect. This mask recipe will neutralize the red effect of henna and help you find a color very close to your natural color.

Use Vodka

No, no, it is not a joke! It’s not to prepare a cocktail but to remove henna from your hair! Like lemon or chamomile, vodka has lightening properties for the hair. Soak your hair with vodka after a clarifying shampoo and dry your hair. The action of the alcohol will break down the metallic salts present in the henna and, in this way, help remove its pigments from your hair. Remember to apply a moisturizing mask after this treatment because alcohol dries out the hair!

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