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Henna: On lean or dirty hair?

You are a ton to believe you should do henna shading; however, an inquiry frequently emerges: would it be a good idea for you to apply henna on spotless or filthy hair? Many of you observe that the response is, in many cases, dubious… You sometimes read that it’s smarter to apply it on clean hair, then you hear somewhere else that it’s better on less spotless hair… So what to do? Try not to frenzy, and we will help you! Today, we answer your inquiry plainly and definitively.

You will see if to incline toward or keep away from henna on spotless and filthy hair — or more all, and we will make sense of why we suggest this strategy! At last, we’ll uncover when to wash your hair after applying henna tone so it doesn’t drain. We will likewise give you a few ways to keep up with great hydration in your hair, keeping up with your variety over the long haul.

Henna On Clean Hair: To Be Preferred!

Applying henna on perfect, dry hair is fitting. As opposed to what one could expect, the shading will be greatly improved if your hair is spotless because the abundance of sebum will generally decrease the shading impact of the henna colors. Also, despite henna having washing powder, it will enter the hair fiber much better, assuming it is perfect. It frequently has a variety of varieties while applying henna to filthy hair. The roots being oilier, they hold less variety. We then, at that point, end up with roots that don’t take henna and, consequently, are less hued than the tips…

Prepare Your Hair Before Coloring With Henna

We recommend you wash your hair the day before or the same day as the henna application for optimal results. Also, note that your hair must be washed without any substance, as this will prevent a good penetration of henna into the hair fiber. So do not use oil, serum, or other greasy and silicone products before applying henna. 

Henna On Dirty Hair: Avoid!

Some counsel is to apply henna rather on messy hair, and there is a valid justification. The sebum present on grimy hair shields the hair fiber from henna. To be sure, henna has a drying side for the hair, which the sebum weakens impressively. Nonetheless, when you maintain that the variety should accept well and equitably, trying not to apply henna to oily hair is fundamental since it will infiltrate less and sporadically. So favor the application of clean hair to the variety of your hair. Applying neutral henna, which doesn’t have variety, is unique; you can do it on filthy hair.

Take Care Of Your Hair Before And After Henna Coloring

Assuming you are worried that henna will make your hair excessively dry, we encourage you to do an oil shower to feed and saturate your hair a multi-week before application and begin multi-week again after application. Play out this treatment once seven days as long as you want to, your hair will be in magnificent well-being, and your shading will be all around kept up with!

When To Wash Your Hair After Henna?

Trying not to wash your hair following henna is prudent. Without a doubt, this would risk weakening the shades and making the shading fizzle. Subsequently, we prescribe hanging tight for 3 to 5 days after henna shading before washing your hair. Henna drying, you won’t generally dislike oily roots when following the shading application. Then again, you can utilize a saturating salve to keep up with your hair’s hydration.

Note: after your henna shading, we encourage you to do a treatment to close the sizes of your hair and make the variety last longer. To do this, apply a corrosive answer to your hair. It will comprise water added to lemon juice, squeezed orange, vinegar, verbena, or lime bloom hydrosol.

The First Wash After Henna

Regarding your first hair wash, 3 to 5 days after applying your henna coloring, we advise you to use a specific shampoo to avoid bleeding your color. Opt for a mild sulfate-free shampoo, as natural as possible, preferably organic; During this first wash, do not apply conditioner or mask—prefer to wait for the next wash instead; You can also use Sidr powder for the first shampoo, which will help the color not fade and last longer.

Maintain And Make Your Henna Last

To keep up with, feed, and hydrate your henna shading, you can likewise utilize vegetable oils (coconut, olive, argan, sweet almond, and so on) to be applied in an oil shower, for instance. Consider shea spread or cocoa margarine, which is additionally extremely compelling. We encourage you to make a cross on all substance hair items which are forceful for your hair fiber and which could hurt your henna shading. Kill medicines and shampoos containing sulfates and favor everyday items.

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