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4Everproxy – Free Web Proxy | Alternative Proxy Sites Of 4everproxy

4everproxy is one of the leading proxy service providers. 4everproxy is free and secure with advanced features. 4everproxy acts as an invisible agent and can’t be traced while you are accessing the world wide web. You can access it from anywhere. It is effortless and secure. It acts as a mediator between your device and your prescribed website through the Internet so that you go untraced.

The Interface of 4everproxy

The Interface of 4everproxy is easily understandable to anyone. Web Page has different sections such as HTTP proxy, Video proxy, VPN, and Servers. 4everproxy is a free web proxy in which we can enter our desired website in the search box. After that, we have to select the location, then click on the next step, “show HTTP proxy.”

TLS/SSL Secure

The security socket layer and Transport layer security of 4everproxy provide secure communication techniques and give quality web communication with security, Cohesion, and strength to unauthorized interference. TLS is an updated protocol version of SSL. On 4Everproxy, all connections between your device and web proxy servers are secure with TLS. They inform you about the website and whether it is harmful or safe.

Anonymous Proxy

In 4everproxy, Web proxy uses different IP addresses for different websites. An anonymous proxy is untraceable. No one can see the URL that appeared in the Web proxy.

Appear anywhere

In 4everproxy, we can change the location and search for your desired website. Your search activity cannot be traced or viewed by any other.

Custom HTTP Proxy

On 4everproxy, we can enable the HTTP proxy option. We can search our custom proxy in IP Port format in this web proxy. In this, our web proxy will subway all traffic through one of their proxy servers and the web URL you provide through an HTTP proxy.

Proxy session Deleted

In 4everproxy, all the browsed proxy sessions will be deleted in two hours. URLs generated by web proxy will expire once the session is completed.

Double Proxy

On the 4everproxy site, a proxy will run in multiple proxy servers. If you select a web proxy in one location and an IP address from a different location, your request will be sent through two proxy servers.

Quick Links

On the 4everproxy web page, we will find quick links to favorite & most popular websites that the audience visits regularly. It’s pretty easy as we can click on the link to open the desired website or search by ourselves to unblock it. Everything is safe and secure here.

Some of the websites that you can unblock through quick links on 4everproxy are

  • youtube.com
  • facebook.com
  • wikipedia.org
  • imgur.com
  • reddit.com
  • mail.google.com

4everproxy vpn

VPN: Virtual private network is a service that provides online privacy. It’s a secure connection between your device and the Internet. On 4everproxy, VPN provides an extra security layer that ensures complete anonymity. It’s highly secure as no one can know what you searched, the site you visited, and the content you downloaded. 4everproxy operates multiple VPN servers across the world. 4everproxy is very simple and fast. It charges 4$ per month. We can order there.

Traffic and Engagement analysis of 4everproxy

The speed of 4everproxy is breakneck. Visitors feel delighted about their experience on 4everproxy. So, the traffic is increasing each day. Visitors’ growth is increased every month due to humongous popularity. In October, visitors are about approximately 2.5 million. Russia was the top country last month, followed by Ukraine and Turkey.

Targeted Audiences

The targeted audience of 4everproxy is people who like to watch videos, music, games, and torrents online.


  • Online Tv Streaming
  • Video Games
  • News & media publishers
  • Movies
  • Programming

Similar Sites

Rutor-info.ru: Rutor-info site is top-rated. Its monthly visits are around 1.5 million. It has Ranked around 567 worldwide. The central aspect of Rutor-info is file sharing.

New-routor.info: This is a new site and is very little popular. But it is gaining a lot more attention and visits. The monthly visits to the site are increasing consistently. The global rank of the site is around 3199.

Bing.com: Bing is a well-known site that needs no introduction. Bing ranked top among other websites, and its present rank is 4. Billions of viewers visit the site every month. 1.2 Billion users visited the site last month.

Duckduckgo.com: The website ranked 6th, and millions of users visit the website every month, with nearly 848.5 million viewers.

Google.ru: Google to has a proxy site that ranked around 20 worldwide. It has nearly 200 million visitors every month. Its affinity is 77%.

ya.ru: Ya.ru ranked 18th last month and is a top-rated site. It has an affinity of 70%. Its visitors are around 438 million every month.

Y2mate.com: Y2mate.com ranked 33rd among other websites. It is getting more popular every month. Viewers are increasing gradually. It has 200 million viewers every month.

Marketing Channels

4Everproxy’s main marketing comes from referrals. It has almost 70% of its revenue is from referrals. It gains 27% from direct advertising. The remaining are through search, social, mail, and display.

Alternative Proxy Sites of 4everproxy

There are many proxy alternatives for 4everproxy. Some are big competitors.


Proxify is a very useful website for users to communicate on the Internet. It has many proxy servers. Proxify is playing a crucial role nowadays. It helps to open blocked/banned websites. Any website the government bans is unblocked here. Don’t be upset that your favorite site is blocked under copyright law. On Proxify, we can find all our desired sites.


One more proxy server is named Anonymizer. It is also a VPN service provider. On Anonymizer, all your activities are managed between your system and devices through the unknown server. VPN works very fast on Anonymizer. All your online activities are untraced here. It masks your original IP Address. Anonymizer plays a significant role in the proxy world.

V Tunnel

V tunnel is an old proxy server. It is easy to access and uncomplicated. You have to enter the website name and location, and we are on our favorite websites within seconds. V tunnel is also SSL encrypted. All your favorite websites will be unblocked in the V tunnel. We can access all the websites like Youtube, Torrentz, Myspace, etc.


Proxycap is yet another proxy that acts as an intermediary between your PC and the Internet. All your browsing history and downloads are invisible to other persons. Once we are out of the proxy site, all our URLs will be erased. The URLs do not work anymore.

Public Proxy Servers

Public Proxy Servers are a sort of support to your devices and content available on the Internet. It provides all the contents of your favorite websites which were banned without casing our IP address.


Proxy4free is free and one of the most famous proxies. It has a very simple interface with a search bar to search for your favorite website to find the results.

Final say

4everproxy is one of the most influential sites among proxy servers on the world wide web. It is very easy to use and access. In this post, we mentioned essential features of the 4everproxy site and gave a short note on various alternative sites. Please share your opinion on our article in the comment section.

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