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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Braids

It’s done. You have opted for multiple braids as a hairstyle, a full braiding of the best effect. You love your new hairstyle, which is expected to last several days and weeks, depending on the braiding technique chosen (box braids, glued braids, vanilla braids, etc.)! However, while this hairstyle saves time on your morning hair routine, that doesn’t mean you should leave your hair fallow.

Indeed, you must adopt the right gestures daily to take care of your braids and not damage them! Yes: your scalp, which produces sebum, must be treated as it should be to be perfectly oxygenated. Remember, hair that overflows with vitality is, above all, a healthy scalp. So, discover the following tips for beautiful braids!

Anticipate The Realization Of Your Braids By Performing Moisturizing Treatments

Your makeup holds better when your skin has been properly prepped, right? It’s the same if you plan to treat yourself to a Rihanna- or Beyoncé-worthy full-body braid. Before making your glued braids or your box braids, think about hydration and nutrition for your hair, for example, with:

  1. a moisturizing spray adapted to your hair texture (frizzy, curly, wavy, etc.);
  2. regular regenerating oil baths;
  3. nourishing shampoos and masks.

These treatments will allow your hair to be on top when braiding it! As you will have understood, preparing the ground before entrusting your perfectly fortified hair to expert hands is a question.

Wash Your Glued Braids Well (Without Damaging Them)

You proudly display your bonded braids, and you can keep them for up to 6 weeks, provided they are properly cared for. No question of skimping on the hygiene of your scalp! So, don’t hesitate to shampoo weekly to remove your scalp’s impurities. To wash your scalp, use an ultra-gentle shampoo and emulsify a small dose with lukewarm water. Massage your roots carefully and let them run over your lengths without rubbing. Finally, rinse gently and dry your hair gently (ideally with a hair dryer at a low temperature).

Box Braids: Shampoo Them Properly

Are you worried about damaging your pretty protective hairstyle while taking a shower? However, the box braids (African braids with three regular branches), which can be kept between three and six weeks, need maintenance. Pollution, sweat, sebum, dust… Take care of your scalp! To do this, once a week maximum (or even every 10 days), prepare a teaspoon of sulphate-free shampoo in a spray bottle with sufficient mineral water. 

Apply the mixture conscientiously to your roots, and massage gently for a few minutes. Then, rinse, avoiding wetting your locks too much not to weigh them down. Finally, dry your hair properly. Indeed, humidity can promote the development of bacteria and fungi. This method is also suitable if you wear braids hooks, namely hair extensions retained with hooks. Gentleness in your gestures is the keyword. Remember that you are washing your scalp and not your lengths, so do not rub them under any circumstances!

Adopt The Right Daily Gestures For Your African Braids

You have only one idea: protect your braids so they remain beautiful as long as possible. Beyond a correctly executed shampoo, you must adopt daily treatments for your hairstyle. To do this, do not hesitate to apply a few drops of fortifying serum at the root to give your hair vigor. You can apply a castor oil-based treatment around the edges of your face (temples and forehead) to promote hair growth. 

Also, consider daily moisturizing sprays to maintain the shine and ensure the flexibility of your braids. You will find specific products for braided hair on the market. Is your hair particularly dry? You can put a few drops of vegetable oil ( jojoba oil is recommended) twice or thrice a week on your own.  In addition, at night, remember to protect your hairstyle under a silk or cotton scarf to avoid friction on your pillowcase. Thus, your braids will keep a beautiful appearance longer without unsightly frizz!

Pamper Your Braids During The Summer

In summer, braids are a real highlight. This protective hairstyle is aesthetic, practical at the beach and releases the neck in case of high temperatures.  However, remember to protect your hair from external aggressions (UV, salt, sand, etc.) by caring for your hair fiber. So, moisturize your scalp daily and your length at least every other day. A product enriched with an anti-UV filter will be ideal during summer and prevent your braids from drying out.

A wash of your scalp is recommended every week to purify it well. Finally, keep your braids short enough, even if you love to wear them! Indeed, you must regularly leave your hair loose to avoid breakage or too much traction on your roots, causing alopecia. Always leave at least 15 days between two braidings to be sure not to harm the good shape of your hair.

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