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Green Hair After Vegetable Coloring: What To Do?

Tempted by vegetable coloring, you have taken the step, seduced by the promise of luminous Hair but also neat. But now, after you visit the hairdresser or apply your home color, the result differs from what you expected. The observation is there in front of the mirror, and it does not please you. Indeed, your Hair displays ugly green reflections. 

Morale in the socks, you ask yourself the following question: why did my Hair reacted in this way, and what solution is available to me to remedy it? As always, you should not give in to panic, but rather understand the why and how and find a way to resolve this hair disappointment!

Why Does My Hair Turn Green After Vegetable Coloring?

Before embarking on a plant-based hair color highly appreciated by beauty stash, you should know a few parameters to avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, based on natural ingredients, this type of coloring still requires taking some precautions. So, follow the advice ahead.

Very Temporary Green Reflections Linked To The Oxidation Of Pigments

First, know that your Hair can take on green highlights without this necessarily being a hair failure.  Indeed, you can only judge the final rendering of your vegetable color after 48 hours. Green reflections can appear temporarily linked to the phenomenon of oxidation of natural pigments. Henna, widely used in vegetable colorings, is often the cause of this little problem.

These green reflections, somewhat unsightly, appear especially the first two days following the application of the mixture if you have white Hair. Once this oxidation reaction has passed, your Hair will show the desired shade.  Therefore, be patient and avoid shampooing for at least 48 hours after coloring.

No Fading Before (Or After) Vegetable Coloring Containing Indigo

Other situations can give green highlights after the pause of vegetable coloring. In some cases, they result from dubious associations with your Hair. For example, you have made a vegetable coloring and realized a scan or wicks to lighten your Hair in stride on the latter. Very bad idea! Yes, you risk displaying green reflections and lasting ones this time. 

This result is explained by the presence of indigo in the vegetable coloring. This blue tinctorial plant does not appreciate the yellow pigments of bleaching. This combination of colors, as in the painting, gives green! So, no discoloration during the weeks preceding or following a vegetable coloring. 

Make A Detoxifying Mask Before Vegetable Coloring To Avoid Green Reflections

If your hair is already chemically colored, consider performing a hair detox before going natural. Indeed, it is wise to remove chemical residues from your Hair. For this, think of green clay masks that will prepare the ground beforehand. One week before your vegetable coloring, you can apply it for 30 minutes before making your shampoo. If your hair is light, one application is enough; otherwise, repeat over several weeks! Thus, you will avoid green reflections by eliminating the residues of your previous coloring.

Redo A Chemical Coloring After A Vegetable Coloring, Yes, But Be Careful

You can reconnect with the chemical coloring if the vegetable coloring has not convinced you. However, if the latter contains henna, you must wait long enough (at least three months). This plant clings particularly well to your hair fiber. Therefore, the pigments are stubborn and may give you green Hair if chemicals are applied. So don’t go blindly into your bathroom when redoing any color!

Green Hair After Vegetable Coloring: How To Catch Up?

We have seen that to avoid having green reflections after vegetable coloring, it was relevant to be well-informed beforehand. However, if the damage is done, here are some tips to make you smile again and forget about this hair clumsiness!

Drain The Henna Pigments To Eliminate Green Reflections

Like with chemical coloring, bleeding your color will allow you to eliminate unwanted reflections gradually.  With this in mind, apply a homemade mask on your hair for at least an hour, a mixture of absorbent white (or green) clay and coconut oil/milk. Then, you rinse this mixture and make your shampoo. The applications can be repeated until the desired effect is obtained.

Green Highlights: Use A Red-Pigmented Mask Or Shampoo

As we have seen, in hair coloring, everything is a question of colorimetry; certain mixtures are not very happy, but others make it possible precisely to neutralize unpleasant reflections. Thus, the red pigments attenuate the green reflections.  Red-pigmented shampoos and treatments on the market can help you.  They are there to correct, intensify or beautify your natural and colored Hair. Not bad.

Seek The Advice Of A Hair Professional To Repair The Damage

And if you stop playing the little budding chemist with your Hair? Indeed, if you can’t get rid of your green highlights, go straight to the hair salon. So that your hairdresser can offer you an adequate solution, remember to tell him about your coloring journey over the past few months. This will prevent him from making wrong choices. Depending on the condition of your Hair and the products used before your visit, he will establish a tailor-made diagnosis to save you the day and spare you a new hair debacle.

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