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Beauty Tips: Every Girl Should Know This

There are many little beauty tips and tricks that you should keep in mind in the beauty world. Whether it is about care or make-up, you are sure to do everything right and ensure a perfect look with these tips.

Beauty Tips For Your Skin

  • You can put a dash of whole milk in the bathwater. This cares for the skin and makes it silky and supple.
  • Lemon helps against rough elbows: Rub half a lemon on your elbows, let it work, and wash off. The lemon removes old skin flakes and cares for the skin. Then apply lotion well.
  • When you apply body lotion, massage it well, as this stimulates blood circulation and cares for the skin.
  • It shouldn’t be too warm in your room to sleep. Otherwise, the skin will dry out quickly overnight
  • Adapt your care to the season: When it gets colder again, your skin dries out faster and becomes cracked, so you have to use richer creams in winter than in summer.

Beauty Tips For The Face

  • Always wash your face lukewarm in the morning. Hot water destroys the natural fat layer of the skin and dries it out. Coldwater is best. It also has the effect of waking you up
  • To cleanse your face in the evening, you can use natural products such as coconut oil – this is good for the skin because no artificial ingredients attack the skin
  • Goat milk is also great for your face. Apply it to the face with a cotton ball and let it soak in briefly, then dry off the excess liquid with a towel
  • Ice helps you to subside any swelling and redness and thus gives your face a kick of freshness. Also great: Put your moisturizing cream in the refrigerator. This ensures a cooling feeling on the skin
  • Lemon can work wonders on your skin. Use it to wash your face in the morning or put a few drops on blemishes.
  • Proper nutrition is super important for the skin! Sugar and fatty fast food are a no-go, I prefer a lot of vegetables and foods with saturated fats
  • To get rid of shiny areas of skin, you should wash your face with black tea and let it soak in briefly. It contracts the pores and reduces the shine.
  • Always apply hairspray very carefully because if you get your face with it, pimples and blemishes can appear
  • Do not constantly use new care products – otherwise, your skin will mess up and not be able to get used to a product
  • If you have blemished skin, make sure that your towel is washed regularly. Otherwise, you will rub bacteria onto your face again when you dry it.

Beauty Tips For The Hair

  • Long hair is a must for a round face because short hair makes the face rounder and broader. Long hair, on the other hand, visually stretches it.
  • If you want to get rid of the color quickly after a tint, it is best to wash your hair daily with an anti-dandruff shampoo – this removes the color particles from the hair faster.
  • Don’t rub your hair with a towel to dry it. Press lightly. Be sure to use a cotton towel.
  • If you have thin hair, you shouldn’t use conditioner. Conditioner helps tame difficult hair and makes it easier to comb
  • Against annoying flying hair, you can spread some hand cream on your hands and gently rub it over your hair.
  • For dull hair, washing it with lemon juice will help. Mix lemon juice with water, and do not rinse the juice out afterward

Make-Up Beauty Tips

  • Your brushes and other beauty accessories should always be clean when you use them. Regular cleaning removes bacteria and thus prevents pimples and blemishes.
  • The powder will last longer if you apply it with a foam pad. Applied with a brush, the powder dissipates more quickly.
  • To make your blush look natural, you have to pay attention to a few little things. Never use too much paint. Use a large, soft brush to apply it, and apply the paint not only to the front of the cheeks but to the back of the temples. Then blend the whole thing well and work it in. For the best hold, you should apply a cream or make-up underneath.
  • Pay attention to your skin tone with the foundation. If you have more yellowish skin, you need a foundation with a yellowish cast. If you tend to be red, the other way around.
  • Light accents in pink make you look prettier immediately and make your face look fresher. So go for pink blush or pink lip gloss.
  • If your nose seems too broad, make it smaller! Just put some highlighter on the bridge of your nose. It will make it look narrower.


  • White or nude-colored kohl in the lower waterline opens your gaze and hides reddened eyes.
  • The same effect has lighter eye shadow or highlighter in the inner corner of the eye, making the gaze look more alert.
  • You should always apply the eyeshadow first and then apply the eyelashes. Otherwise, you will have eyeshadow on your dark eyelashes.
  • The correct order for eye make-up is base, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara.
  • You can make your eyes shine with pearlescent eyeshadow. Apply it as a highlight or flat on your eyelid, and your gaze will look more alert and intense.
  • For voluminous eyelashes, it is best to warm your eyelash curler with a hairdryer before shaping your eyelashes. This ensures a more extended hold. But be careful, don’t let the tongs get too hot.


  • Gently brush your lips with a dampened toothbrush. Then you apply some honey and let it soak in – this makes the lips soft and supple.
  • Dark lipsticks are great for full lips. They make the lips look fuller and emphasize them.
  • With narrow lips, you should instead use light colors and not emphasize the lips additionally.
  • To make your lips look even fuller, you can put a little gloss in the middle at the top and bottom.

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