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Simple But Effective: This Is How Skincare Routine Works From 40

Skincare Routine- The older we get, the more demanding our skin becomes. To look young, plump, and fresh for as long as possible, it is essential to know your needs and look after them properly. We’ll tell you what our beauty routine should look like from 40 and what our skin needs now.

Please be very strong for once: As we get older, our skin ages too. The fact that fine lines and wrinkles eventually show up on our faces is an entirely natural process that we cannot stop completely. But now comes the good news: We can slow down skin ageing. As? Very quickly. By taking care of our skin with the right beauty products. Especially from 40 is precisely the right time to rethink your daily skincare routine and adjust it if necessary.

What Does Our Skin Need From 40?

With increasing age, the skin produces less hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. In addition, cell renewal slows down. The result is that the skin becomes drier, loses its elasticity and forms wrinkles. But we can counteract this. By using care products with ingredients that our skin is now missing:

  • Hyaluronic acid provides moisture and strength.
  • Collagen protects the skin from drying out and makes it more elastic.
  • Vitamin A (retinol) supports the formation of new skin cells and promotes the build-up of collagen. It smooths the skin and gives it more freshness.
  • Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin cells from harmful environmental influences. It also stimulates collagen formation in the skin and gives it more elasticity.
  • Vitamin E also has an antioxidant effect. It protects the skin from free radicals such as UV radiation and smoothest wrinkles
  • Flaxseed extract is considered a super-effective anti-ageing ingredient. It increases the skin’s collagen production and is said to reduce wrinkles.
  • Pre- and probiotic extracts strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and bring the skin into balance.

This Is What Our 40+ Skincare Routine Should Look Like

Our skin becomes more and more demanding from the age of 40. Knowing this, we should do everything we can to meet their needs. This also includes the proper care routine so that our skin looks healthy and shines.


First thing in the morning, we should clean our face thoroughly – even if you would like to skip this step due to a lack of time. Because overnight, a lot of sebum and dirt accumulates on our skin, which promotes impurities.

Facial Serum

After cleansing, our skin is particularly receptive to other active ingredients. A serum can now work true miracles. The remarkable thing about serums is that they contain many nourishing ingredients in a highly concentrated form, which penetrate deep into the deepest layers of the skin and make our complexion shine. And not only that: The subsequent care is also much more intensive if we apply a serum beforehand.

Eye Care

From the age of 40, the first wrinkles usually appear in the area around the eyes. This is partly because the skin here is excellent and has far fewer fat and collagen structures than the rest of the facial skin. So that it stays smooth and taut for as long as possible, it needs special care.

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Day Care

Now it’s the turn of the daycare. From the age of 40, this should be particularly rich. An accurate insider tip.

The remarkable thing about it: It is enriched with flaxseed extract and rich in glycopeptides. The anti-ageing ingredients increase the skin’s collagen production and combat all visible signs of ageing. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed, the skin looks firmer and plumps up, the complexion appears more even, and dark spots are corrected.

You can feel the effect immediately after application. To do this, spread the cream with your fingers on the face, neck and then spread it in gently circular movements. The light texture melts into the skin, firms it and makes it glow. Extra plus point: The cream is not suitable for all skin types but also all ages.

Our Skin Also Needs Special Care In The Evening

We should take enough time for our skincare routine in the morning and the evening. While we have to ensure during the day that our skin is protected as best as possible from disturbing environmental influences such as UV rays or dust particles with the proper care, in the evening, it is about doing everything we can to ensure that our skin can regenerate itself as best as possible overnight. After all, we want to wake up with a relaxed and radiant complexion.

For this to succeed, we cannot avoid a thorough facial cleansing. Make-up, dirt, oils and bacteria all have to go down. Incidentally, it will be comprehensive if we then use a toner. This means that neither make-up residues nor lime from tap water remains on our skin

More Tips To Prevent Premature Ageing

With the proper skincare routine, we can achieve a great deal no matter how old we are and ensure that we look fresh and rested. However, there are other helpful tips that we can use to do something good for our skin. Above all, a healthy lifestyle plays an important role.

Restful Sleep

We should make sure that we get enough, and above all, restful sleep to look fresh. Our skin doesn’t like a lack of sleep at all, and unfortunately, you can tell by looking at it. It looks pale and wrinkled.

Balanced Nutrition

A healthy and balanced diet also has a positive effect on our complexion. For example, we recommend foods containing anti-ageing antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, and E. We should also make sure that we drink enough water to keep our skin hydrated. On the other hand, alcohol, nicotine or too much salt have a negative effect.


Sport also plays an essential role in our skin. With enough exercise, we can not only tighten our bodies but also stimulate our metabolism. Better blood circulation makes our skin appear healthier and fresher.


Stress and worry make wrinkles. So we should often take time for ourselves, relax and do things that are good for us.

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