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Carrot Oil: Multiple Benefits For Hair And Face

Carrot oil is obtained by macerating carrots in vegetable oil. Very good for the face and hair, this oil has many interesting benefits, as you will discover below.

Carrot Oil: For What Use? 

The carrot transformed into oil gives a healthy glow, repairs the hair and makes it beautiful. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, using it is a good idea! Among its virtues, carrot oil:

  1. Unifies the complexion: Rich in beta-carotene, it unifies, brings a healthy glow, and radiates the complexion.
  2. Acts as a  natural, light and discreet self-tanner.
  3. Prepares the skin for tanning and prolongs the tan. Attention! Carrot oil does not protect against UV rays and in no way replaces sunscreen.
  4. Cares for the skin: its nourishing, protective, regenerating and antioxidant properties are ideal for sensitive and dry skin. As daily care, this oil protects your epidermis from external aggressions. During the winter period, it is effective in relieving chapped skin.
  5. It is a powerful anti-wrinkle.
  6. Sublime the hair.

What Are The Benefits Of Carrot Oil? 

Carrot oil gives you a stunning effect! It is also effective in neutralizing free radicals and fighting against skin aging. It is also ideal for cell regeneration in case of lesions caused by acne or psoriasis. The oily macerate of carrots benefits the hair, especially if it is dry, dull or damaged.

How To Use Carrot Oil On The Face?

Carrot oil will give you a healthy glow and a luminous complexion throughout the year. It is particularly useful during the summer since it will prepare your skin for tanning and help you keep it well-tanned. Just add a few drops to your usual sunscreen to take advantage of these effects. Carrot oil can also be used as a daycare to fight against skin ageing and restore elasticity to your epidermis. According to your desires, you can use it pure or combined with a vegetable oil such as hazelnut or jojoba if you have normal skin or rosehip oil if you have dry skin.

Carrot Oil To Fight Wrinkles

But the benefits of this oil do not stop there! Indeed, it has the advantage of fighting wrinkles. Thus, its many vitamins promote cell regeneration and help make the skin more supple.

Carrot Oil For Hair: Its Virtues

Carrot oil is a good idea if you have damaged, dull or dry hair. Ditto if you find your hair too voluminous; this oil can be useful to you. Its benefits for the hair can be summarized as follows:

  1. It is ideal for taking care of your lengths: the oily macerate of carrots has antioxidant properties, which are ideal for taking care of your hair.
  2. It nourishes dry and damaged hair: greasy and rich in vitamins, carrot oil is effective in nourishing, regenerating and repairing your dry, damaged or brittle hair. By applying carrot oil, your lengths will regain shine and strength.
  3. It is ideal for frizzy and curly hair: carrot oil redefines curls and tames frizz. 

To take advantage of the benefits of carrot oil on your hair, you can take an oil bath or prepare a homemade mask. For the oil bath, apply a tablespoon of carrot oil to your hair (before your shampoo), wrap it in a warm towel, and then leave it on for as long as possible. Rinse with clear water, then wash your hair. For the homemade mask, several recipes are possible. Here is one:

  1. Mash the pulp of half an avocado.
  2. Add 10 drops of carrot oil.
  3. Add a teaspoon of honey.
  4. Apply this mixture to your hair.
  5. Leave for 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse.

Does Carrot Oil Make You Tan?

All year round, carrot oil will give you a healthy glow. It is particularly useful to prepare your skin for tanning during the summer season and help you maintain beautiful tanned skin.

Carrot Oil: The Homemade Recipe

After discovering all the benefits of carrot oil, can it be prepared at home? The answer is yes. To prepare your carrot macerate, here is a recipe idea. The ingredients needed are:

  1. 2 or 3 organic carrots
  2. Olive oil.


First, grate your carrots. Please put them in a bowl and then dry them for a few minutes to prevent mildew. When your carrots are dry, take 4 scoops and put them in another bowl. In it, add enough olive oil and leave for 24 hours in a place away from light. As soon as 24 hours have passed, drain your carrot-olive oil mixture in a colander. Your oil is now ready!

Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Be careful; carrot macerate is separate from the essential oil of carrot seeds! Indeed, if they have similar properties, the essential oil is used cautiously.

Its properties:

  1. it helps to regulate the biological rhythm of women
  2. she is diuretic
  3. it regenerates the skin and promotes healing
  4. it gives radiance to the complexion, soothes acne and reduces age spots on the skin
  5. it helps to digest better
  6. it is soothing and helps one sleep
  7. it would also help to lower bad cholesterol levels


Essential oils should be avoided for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Ask your pharmacist or naturopath for advice before using them.

Carrot Oil: Where To Buy It? 

You can find carrot oil in organic stores, drugstores, and on the internet. To choose it, it is advisable to choose it virgin, pure, cold pressed and organic. Once chosen, keeping it cool, away from light and air, is essential.

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