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Cod Liver Oil For Hair: What Are The Benefits?

In addition to its beneficial action on the skin, vision and bones, cod liver oil is an excellent ally for the health of your hair. This oil, with surprising virtues, is highly appreciated for its composition, which is rich in various nutrients that help keep the hair healthy. Used in direct application on the hair or in the form of food supplements, cod liver oil helps to fight against white hair or even hair loss.

What Are The Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil For Hair?

Cod liver oil is known for the vitamins A and D and the omega-3 fatty acids it contains. These are great for moisturizing the scalp and hair follicles!

Cod Liver Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Vitamin A is essential for the excellent health of the human body. This nutrient is also found in various foods, such as carrots and melon. By profoundly moisturizing the hair, this vitamin preserves the scalp from dryness and repairs split ends. Omega 3 and vitamin D promote hair growth. They are then healthier and stronger! You should know that the body produces much less vitamin A as you age. It is, therefore, essential to include it more often in the diet and what better than cod liver oil?

Cod Liver Oil Fights Hair Loss

A nutrient deficiency often causes hair loss. Food supplements are, therefore, perfect for restoring vitality to the hair. Rich in omega EPA and DHA, this natural oil makes hair stronger and thus prevents hair loss. You can make homemade masks to strengthen your hair, but you can also opt for capsules or capsules to mask the smell of this oil!

Cod Liver Oil Improves Hair Pigmentation.

Do you have fine, dull hair? Then cod liver oil is perfect for you! The vitamin D contained in this oil promotes hair pigmentation and makes it thicker. In addition to regaining a deep color, the hair becomes more supple and shinier. You can use the oil as a dietary supplement to carry out the cure.

Cod Liver Oil Prevents The Appearance Of White Hair

As mentioned above, cod liver oil acts on hair pigmentation. The various nutrients and vitamins it contains slow down the aging of the hair and prevent the arrival of white hair. So you no longer need to go to the hairdresser to camouflage the few white hairs that appear. Using cod liver oil is an excellent alternative to tinctures!

Cod Liver Oil And Hair: Any Drawbacks?

This oil has many benefits for the hair, but you must still consider the contraindications. Given its rich composition, it is necessary to be careful about overdose. Indeed, this could cause bloating, diarrhea, or even vomiting. Since cod liver oil contains vitamins A and D, avoid consuming other dietary supplements that contain them. Following the dosage according to your weight and age is also essential. If you have any doubts about this subject, feel free to seek advice from your doctor or pharmacist!

In What Forms Is Cod Liver Oil Found?

In the past, we talked about the spoonful of cod liver oil. Today, it is possible to find it in a more pleasant form to consume! Food supplements in capsules are most often used to care for hair. They also make it possible to preserve assets better! Unlike an external application, they penetrate the very structure of the hair. 

You can also use cod liver oil as a hair mask. You need to add a few drops of oil to your care. Your hair will then be strengthened and repaired! Note that it is recommended to carry out a cure of 3 to 5 months to have visible results. Consume the capsules with meals and preferably in the morning!

Where To Buy Cod Liver Oil?

In general, it takes around ten euros for cod liver oil capsules. You can buy this natural product online. There are many sites, but you can find happiness in big stores like Amazon! If you prefer to go there, we can recommend organic stores such as Biocoop or other specialized brands. Cod liver oil is notably available in pharmacies!

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