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Seven Tips For Having Softer Hair

Dry hair, too smooth, lacking elasticity and suppleness? Your hair is unruly, and you can no longer tame it? Don’t panic; it’s not too late to fix it! Indeed, a few changes in your habits can be enough to regain healthy hair.  Also, you must choose the right products and adopt a hair routine according to the nature of your hair. Shampoo, care, oil bath, drying, food. We reveal seven tips to find supple and silky hair without further ado!

Use The Right Shampoo 

Taking care of your hair starts with washing! Indeed, to make them soft, supple, and silky, you must choose the right shampoo and, above all, not abuse it. Similarly, it is advisable to space your shampoos: at most, 3 per week to keep them dry. First, start with a shampoo compatible with the nature of your hair, without sulfate or silicone, so as not to attack it.

Then, have a light hand on the shampoo to prevent the lengths and ends from losing softness and shine. A dab is enough, or even two if you have long hair. Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips. No need to rub the lengths! Rinse, preferably, with lukewarm water to remove the shampoo. Do not hesitate to finish with a jet of cold water to bring them to shine! Finally, a smoothing treatment can coat the hair fiber and facilitate styling.

Bet On Rice Water Rinse

You can integrate homemade rinsing water into your hair routine to find supple hair! For example, rice water is ideal for regaining suppleness and shine, whatever the nature of your hair. Indeed, it allows the coating of the hair fiber, tightens the hair cuticles, and reduces frizz. So, once or twice a week, do not hesitate to rinse your hair after your shampoo with rice water. Simple and efficient!

Nourish And Hydrate Your Hair To Make It More Supple 

To regain supple hair, you must nourish and hydrate the hair fiber, even more so if you have unruly curls, which are by nature relatively dry. So, we bet on vegetable oils of sweet almond, argan, coconut, avocado, or even jojoba! But be careful to apply it only on the tips at the risk of ending up with an oily scalp. Apply the vegetable oil to damp hair for in-depth care and wrap it in a towel. Leave on for at least 30 minutes before proceeding with your usual shampoo. Smooth, shiny, and silky hair will be there!

Let Your Hair Air Dry

After your shampoo, you can opt for anti-frizz or straightening products, especially if you have thick hair. Indeed, they help to coat and strengthen the hair fiber. Result? Smooth, frizz-free hair that’s easy to comb! For best results, do not hesitate to let them air dry. If you don’t have time, you can use the hair dryer at a low temperature.

Avoid Harsh Hair Treatments 

Coloring, bleaching, straightening, or curling irons dry out and break the hair. So, take a break and find alternatives! For example, let yourself be tempted by vegetable coloring or even create curls without heat. You will find on the web tutorials that will help you change your look without using heating devices. But if you can’t do without your straightening or curling iron, consider protecting your hair with a thermo-protective serum!

Effective Brushing For Silky Hair

Effective brushing removes the impurities that suffocate your hair and make it dull. To find silky and supple hair, thorough brushing is essential! Brushing your hair upside down is ideal, especially if you have fine hair. You will get more volume. But for effective brushing, you must choose a suitable brush, preferably made of natural material such as boar bristles. For long hair, it will be a broad bristle brush. For short hair, a fine bristle brush will suffice!

Take Care Of Your Diet To Have Supple Hair 

You probably know it, but food plays an essential role in the health of our hair. Indeed, to find healthy hair, you must focus on the following foods:

  1. Foods rich in vitamin B: cooked ham, cereals, wholemeal bread;
  2. Foods rich in Zinc: fish, seafood, nuts, hazelnuts;
  3. Fruits and vegetables ;
  4. Foods rich in iron: meat and legumes.

You will quickly find supple, shiny, healthy hair with a good diet and an adapted hair routine!

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