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Collagen For Hair: Benefits And Uses

Collagen is renowned in the cosmetics industry for its ability to fight the signs of skin aging, such as the formation of wrinkles. However, less is known about its beneficial properties for hair. However, here is an asset full of benefits to keep your hair healthy. And as you know, for shiny hair, you have to provide it with all the nutrients it needs. 

This goes through food to avoid any deficiency detrimental to hair vigor and through local care! Thus, collagen is one of these essential components, like iron, zinc, group B vitamins, fatty acids (good omega), or even selenium, to display hair on top. So, let’s discover without further delay in this article the benefits of collagen for hair.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a fibrous protein. It is a significant ingredient for skin and appendages (nails and hair). It is the most abundant protein in the body and comprises multiple amino acids. Thus, collagen peptides contribute to cell renewal. However, they decrease with age, hence the importance of providing them to your body to slow aging. 

Collagen plays a significant role in limiting the overall effects of aging on your metabolism. It allows you to preserve your health (joints, cartilage, tendons…) and beauty: skin and hair, of course!

Collagen Or Keratin For Hair?

Collagen and Keratin are inseparable: one does not go without the other. Indeed, as mentioned, collagen is made up of many amino acids. However, the body uses some precious amino acids to make Keratin. As you will have understood, you need collagen to produce Keratin, the main component of your skin appendages.

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen For Hair?

How does collagen work on your hair? What hair problems can it help you treat to regain toned and radiant hair?

Therapeutic Properties For Brittle And Limp Hair

If you have particularly damaged and devitalized hair, collagen is an ally to rescue you. The nutrients provided by collagen will promote the repair of your hair, and you will say goodbye to your rough hair. Indeed, the scales will smooth out, and the gaps will thus be filled. Combined with Keratin and hyaluronic acid, collagen performs real miracles on flattened hair.

Invigorating Properties For Hair Loss

As we have seen, our collagen production decreases over the years, contributing to internal and external aging. It is observed that the firmness of the skin decreases. Wrinkles appear as the hair loses density or begins to fall out. Indeed, the hair becomes thinner and more fragile. 

Therefore, the impression of a material loss is felt, which is aesthetically unflattering. Once again, collagen helps to limit these disadvantages by offering a rejuvenation cure to your hair at half-mast. It can be used internally, with food supplements, and applied through hair care. Both ways combined are a great way to energize your hair to regain strength and vigor!

Collagen And Hair: Side Effects?

Taken internally, at recommended doses, side effects of collagen are infrequent. They can be manifested by mild digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea, gastric reflux, bloating). Caution, however! Indeed, consuming collagen internally is not recommended for people suffering from hypercalcemia or kidney failure.

In addition, people suffering from an allergy to seafood products should not ingest marine collagen. As always, ask a health professional before starting a course of food supplements, especially if you are pregnant, taking medication, and dealing with a chronic pathology.

How To Use Collagen For Your Hair?

Internally With Food Supplements (Capsules, Powder, Sticks)

Marine collagen mainly makes up food supplements (there is also bovine collagen). It is taken most of the time as a cure of two or three months, the time necessary to measure the positive effects of the amino acids it contains on your hair. Collagen is often available in capsules or tablets that you swallow with water. 

It is also found in powder, so dilute it well in a water bottle. Even better, put your daily dose of powder in a blender and make a homemade vitamin smoothie (fruit juice and vegetables) for a big beauty boost! You can consume certain powders or sticks directly flavored with water; practical and fast!

By Consuming Foods Rich In Collagen

Among the collagen-rich recipes, we can mention the essential bone broth (which contains bone marrow). If consuming meat products does not put you off, consider the pot-au-feu gorged with vegetables and add a marrow bone or two. Here is a beautiful and healthy broth, rich in collagen and comforting for winter!

In addition, dairy products are full of amino acids (lysine and proline, in particular), which promote the development of collagen fibers in the body. Red and oleaginous fruits, like eggs, are also exciting to put on your plate!

Applying Collagen-Based Hair Care

Collagen-based hair lines exist, and shampoo, conditioner, and masks are available and ready to use. But, if you wish, you can carry out a homemade treatment based on vegetable liquid collagen composed of glycoproteins from non-genetically modified yeasts.

Thus, you can easily add a few drops of vegetable collagen to your shampoo or hair mask (0.5% to 5% of the total weight of your preparation). This addition to your products will take care of your delicate and fragile hair by sheathing it and giving it more volume.

Where To Find Collagen For Hair?

Among the trustworthy brands selling collagen products online, we can mention Honma Tokyo Collagen Caviar, whose technology rejuvenates and strengthens your hair fiber. This range also promotes the maintenance of your hair after a Brazilian straightening is carried out to soften your hair. The Lorenzo Professional range also offers a shampoo and treatment rich in collagen and biotin to care for your hair. 

Collagen-based food supplements are available in organic stores, specialized beauty/health websites like Greenweez, or general sites like Amazon. Check the source of your collagen and especially the dosage before purchasing! Also, favor French or European brands to avoid unpleasant surprises. Liquid collagen for local application can be found in organic shops or on organic online sites such as Onatera or Aroma-Zone.

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