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Does The Ketogenic Diet Cause Hair Loss?

You’ve probably already heard that the ketogenic diet, and calorie restrictions, can affect hair loss. In the following few lines, we tell you what is true. Many, especially among those who have never followed it, wonder if it is true that the ketogenic diet causes hair to fall out. This diet that includes a limitation of carbohydrates has become extremely popular, also thanks to its many fields of application.

In terms of weight loss, it is undoubtedly an adequate diet. It is equally important to keep diabetes under control and prevent other metabolic diseases’ onset. However, only some follow it correctly. Recently, doubts have arisen about whether carbohydrate restriction can stimulate alopecia (a technical name for hair loss). In the following lines, we will clarify this point so that you can evaluate the pros and cons of the ketogenic diet and decide whether to adopt it.

The Leading Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a typical phenomenon in older people, although in some cases, it can start after adolescence. This process also has a genetic component. According to research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, losing hair after a certain age is possible due to the increased production of testosterone. The cellular DNA determines this.

Although genes influence the development of alopecia, it is possible to slow its progression by changing some environmental factors, such as diet. In this sense, for example, alopecia areata could be delayed with an adequate vitamin D intake, as stated by some recent studies in the scientific literature.

Hormone Levels Can Cause Hair Loss

Abrupt hormonal changes come into play in the development of alopecia. The use of testosterone as a drug to increase anabolism and energy may be involved in hair loss. This hormone can influence hair growth. Therefore, its administration outside the natural cycles allows secondary sexual characteristics to be modified. 

One of these is precisely the hair distribution, with the classic baldness in men at the top and the temples. This is why bodybuilders who use anabolics often lose hair and dander. However, consuming these substances does not affect everyone similarly since the underlying genetic component can modify the body’s response.

Do Diets Favor The Onset Of Alopecia?

As mentioned, alopecia has a vital genetic component. Nonetheless, there is a suspicion that some dietary changes influence this process for better or worse. However, there are still no conclusive human studies to confirm this. Research has been conducted on guinea pigs to verify whether intestinal dysbiosis and a lack of B vitamins can change the course of this disorder.

Research published in the journal Cell Reports indicates that biotin deficiency causes changes in the skin of animals and stimulates hair loss. However, human studies are needed to confirm this association.

Does The Ketogenic Diet Cause Hair Loss?

No scientific articles or updated evidence correlate the ketogenic diet, or a restrictive diet, with an increase in hair loss. In this sense, if you follow the ketogenic diet, you will not lose your hair. We have some clinical reports, which are reports from doctors or professional groups about specific problems that lack accurate documentation. 

Regarding the ketogenic diet, it has been reported that it can cause lower hair density, although an individual fact is not sufficient to establish a general relationship. Hair loss is linked to emotional factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances that lead to increased testosterone production, or genetic factors. At the moment, therefore, calorie restrictions do not have a significant effect on this process.

But Then… Does The Ketogenic Diet Make Your Hair Fall Out?

We may lose more hair while on the ketogenic diet, but not because of the diet itself. Hair loss is more closely linked to genetic factors than to environmental factors. Diet could influence this process, but it has not been discovered how. Some experts recommend vitamin supplements to prevent this problem, although there is no solid evidence on which ones to take.

Stress and hormonal changes can cause hair loss. Even anabolic drugs can favor this symptom and modify other aspects related to physical appearance and sexuality. However, the restriction of calories or sugars does not seem to have an effect.

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