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Dry Oil For Hair: Benefits And Use

We sometimes hesitate to use oil on our hair, fearing it will be weighed down and appear shiny. The good news, this is different with dry oil! The dry oil is full of beneficial nutrients for the hair, and it’s a real boost to hydrate, protect against external aggressions, style and shine! We tell you all about its benefits and how to use it well on your hair!

What Is Dry Oil?

Dry oil, at first glance, these are two words that do not go very well together… Despite its name, this oil could be drier! It is so called because the skin or the hair quickly absorbs it: it is light oil. Unlike a fatty oil, it does not remain on the surface or leave a residue. In summary, it is said to be dry because it provides a dry, non-greasy and non-sticky feel.

A dry oil can be a mineral (from petrochemicals) or vegetable (of natural origin). Some of the most common include avocado, argan, sesame, coconut and sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil. We often prefer a natural dry oil without silicone, and why not organic for optimal quality?

Dry Oil: What Are The Benefits For The Hair?

Dry Oils Nourish The Hair

Dry oils are great for moisture sealing because they are similar in composition to sebum. In addition, they penetrate quickly and deeply into the hair fiber and allow it to maintain sufficient water. By nourishing the hair, thanks to its composition rich in nutritious active ingredients, especially in omega, dry oil is a good remedy for dry and damaged hair.

Dry Oils Protect The Hair

In exposure to the sun, chlorine or sea salt, the dry oil coats the hair and forms a protective barrier against aggression. They are thus protected from oxidative damage. On the other hand, avoid monoi oil before sun exposure at the risk of burning your hair…

Dry Oils Discipline The Hair

By lubricating the indomitable locks, the dry oil reduces the impact of friction (clothes, pillowcases, etc.), often responsible for frizz. Its nourishing effects will also help soften curly hair, redefine waves and limit frizz.

Dry Oils Thicken The Hair

The dry oil and its nutrients help to bring density to the hair. Fine hair can bet on it to get a little more body!

How To Use Dry Oil On Your Hair?

There is more than one possible use for dry oil.  It can be used in intensive care as a mask or oil bath. In this case, apply it generously from root to tip and leave it on for a long time, at least one hour before rinsing. It is also possible to use it in daily care, without rinsing, to shine locks, reduce frizz or bring a little shine. It is then enough to pour one or two drops of a dry oil, heat it in the hollow of its hands, and then come to work the locks. Finally, on an ad hoc basis, you can coat your hair with dry oil to protect it, for example.

Which Dry Oil To Choose For Your Hair?

Prodigious Oil, Nuxe

When we talk about dry oil, this one has been a must for thirty years! Its formula is based on a synergy of seven vegetable oils. On the hair, it brings shine and suppleness but also repairs damaged ends.  Is it a plus? This oil is multi-purpose and also works wonders on the body and face.

Elvive Universal Extraordinary Oil, L’Oréal Paris

The secret of this dry oil is its composition based on six floral oils. It is mainly designed for dry hair that is a little dull, which will bring shine and softness.  Is it a plus? For example, it is easily found in supermarkets, at Leclerc or elsewhere.

Gold Satin Dry Oil, Aroma-Zone

This one smells like hot sand with its sunny formula, thanks to monoi and coconut oil! Its composition is immaculate: organic, vegan, 100% natural ingredients and made in France. It is recommended to nourish and protect the hair. Is it’s plus? The delicate sequins deposit a shimmering veil on the hair, delightful to illuminate summer and winter!

Elixir Ultime Original Oil, Kérastase

It is the top of the range of our selection, with its formula enriched with precious oils. You can count on it to strengthen the hair, define beautiful curls, bring shine and improve the hair’s suppleness. Is it a plus? The floral and woody fragrance leaves a pleasant impression on the hair.

How To Make Homemade Dry Oil For Hair?

It is quite possible to make your oil dry. It is even the best solution to ensure the composition and avoid chemicals. We preferably turn to cold-pressed organic oils, which preserve their qualities.  You need to get some dry vegetable oils, an oily macerate and vitamin E, which will ensure the preservation of your care. You can easily find tutorials and recipes on the internet. More often than not, it’s just a matter of mixing your different oils!

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