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Cutting Hair Yourself: Professional Tips And Bad Mistakes

Your hairdresser is closed, or you don’t get an appointment? We’ll tell you how can Cutting Hair yourself at home & when to better leave it. Hairdressers are currently closed  due to the corona crisis. So what to do if the bangs are too long, split ends have spread in the ends of your hair, or you no longer like your current hairstyle? Cut your hair yourself?

This is not always a good idea because if you lend a hand, you risk a failed cut and damaged hair in the worst case. We’ll tell you when you can cut your hair yourself and when you’d better leave it to the professional.

Can I Cut My Hair Myself?

In general, if you want a perfect hairstyle, you shouldn’t cut your hair yourself. For the hair’s sake, it is better to wait until the hairdressers are open again. This is especially true for everyone who wants a radical change, such as short hair or new hair color.

If it is just too small handles like the Pony recut, the tops of split end free, or sides and neck repair, this can be done  at home. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when cutting your hair yourself so as not to damage your hair permanently.

Cutting Hair Yourself: The Most Significant Mistake

Have you decided to cut your hair yourself and have a pair of scissors ready? STOP! Using unsuitable scissors is the biggest mistake when cutting hair! Blunt scissors or scissors that are not specially designed for cutting hair are highly damaging to the hair.

The wrong tool ensures that the ends of the hair are not cut cleanly but rather squeezed or torn off. The result is split ends and broken, dull-looking hair that the hairdresser later has to be cut off generously.

Cutting Hair At Home: What Do I Need?

If you want to cut your hair yourself, the most important thing is the right tool. First of all, this includes special hair scissors. The blades of these hairdressing scissors are extra sharp.

The following applies to short hair: You can get it back into shape with an adjustable hair trimmer or a clipper. But more on that later.

To cut your hair at home, you also need a comb  – without it, the haircut will not be accurate. In addition, a sufficiently large mirror and a towel for the shoulders.

Tip for long hair: Beginners shouldn’t cut the back section of hair themselves. In that case, get the help of a second person with steady hands.

The last must-have when cutting your hair at home: good light! DIY haircutting can end in a hairstyle disaster if it’s too dark.

Cut Yourself: Wet Or Dry Hair?

While hair is usually washed or moistened at the hairdresser’s before cutting, a dry cut is recommended at home.

The reason: It is easier for beginners to see how to cut the hair with dry hair because the hair falls naturally. Especially when it comes to the exact hair length, e.g., the hair should be dry when cutting the bangs yourself.

When combed wet and smooth, the hair is longer so that too much is cut off quickly. This is especially true with wavy and curly hair. Here the difference in hair lengths between dry and wet is even more severe.

By the way, the best time to cut your hair at home is a few hours after you’ve washed your hair. Necessary: Do not use styling products such as mousse or hairspray before your DIY haircut.

Cut Bangs Yourself: Instructions In The Video

Anyone who has a pony hairstyle needs regular trimming. To save money or because the hairdresser is closed, many use scissors themselves. But when it comes to trimming bangs at home, things can go wrong. This is proven by countless videos of unsuccessful self-experiments on the Internet.

So that this doesn’t happen to you, in it, you will find out the dos and don’ts when trimming the Pony.

When Should I Not Cut The Bangs Myself?

If you don’t currently have a pony hairstyle and are thinking about cutting your bangs, you should quickly discard the idea. First of all, as a layperson, you cannot judge what kind of bangs (whether straight, sloping, complete, or fringed) suit you. In addition, the cutting of the different ponies holds many pitfalls in store. So better leave the type change to the professional!

Cut Tips Yourself: Remove Split Ends

Even if some shampoo advertisements promise something different: Unfortunately, split ends cannot be repaired. To remove it, all that remains is the handle of the scissors. Professionals recommend cutting the tips every three months so that the hair can grow beautifully and healthily. But what to do when the hairdresser is closed?

The emergency solution: cut the tips of the hair yourself and remove the split ends. It is essential to use special hairdressing scissors. Blunt scissors would only worsen the split-split problem. Tips circulating on the net, such as “cut split ends with nail scissors,” can be safely forgotten.

Remove Split Ends: Instructions For Twist Cut

Important first: the split ends cut “Twist Cut” you should make for dry hair.

  1. Comb the dry hair well. And part a strand about 1 cm wide and pin the remaining hair back with a clip. Start at one side of the parting.
  2. Twist this strand of hair from top to bottom very tightly, so the split ends stick out.
  3. Now, go with the hairdressing scissors along the twisted strand from top to bottom and carefully cut off the protruding split ends.
  4. Lay the finished strand to the other side and pinch it away. Now take on the next strand. You can get help from a second person at the back of your head.

Cut Split Ends At Home With The Split Trimmer

Another faster technique for trimming the ends of your hair at home is to use a unique split trimmer, such as the ‘Split Ender Pro 2’. The device cuts the split ends without shortening the length of the hair.

To do this, the split trimmer is pulled strand by strand through the carefully combed hair, similar to a straightening iron. The protruding, split ends of the hair that point up and down is cut off.

Are You Cutting Hair Yourself: Bob As A DIY Project?

The bob is rightly one of the most popular hairstyles for women. But can you get the trendy hairstyle at home? Our recommendation for anyone who wants to cut a bob: Better don’t do it!

As simple as the bob may look, the trend hairstyle has it all. In particular, the gentle gradations in the hair lengths from front to back make the bob a very sophisticated haircut that belongs in professional hands.

It looks slightly different if you already have a bob and want to remove the split ends. If the hairdresser is closed, you can do this yourself as described above.

Cutting Short Hair Yourself: For Advanced Users

Anyone who thinks it is easier to cut short hair yourself is mistaken. A short haircut does not forgive mistakes! Because here – unlike with long hair – edges and steps are immediately visible. So if you want a perfect short haircut, you’d better wait for the hairdresser appointment.

If you can’t or don’t want to wait, we recommend limiting yourself to only minor repairs. Some of the things you can do at home include lightly trimming the sides or shaving the neck.

Cutting Hair Yourself For Men: Trim Carefully

Beautiful short hairstyles, whether for men or women, are characterized by their precise lines. If the sides are too long and reach over the ears or the hair has grown back on the neck, it can look unkempt.

The emergency solution: Use a hair trimmer or a hair clipper to shorten the sides and neck or trim the contours. You can adjust the hair trimmer to the right hair length so that the result is even. When cutting the short hair over the ears, use a comb here. This is the only way to achieve a clean-cut edge.

When cutting hair with a trimmer, you should always use a hair length attachment (given in millimeters). Otherwise, you risk cuts and edges. Exception: the neck. It has to be shaved off without a hair-length extension. But it would be best if you didn’t try to shave the neck off yourself. Get help with this. It is important to proceed carefully from the bottom up.

Also, remember: what is off is off! Therefore, when cutting hair with the trimmer or the hair clipper, start with a larger hair length setting and feel your way slowly towards the shorter hair length.

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