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Half-Up Hairstyles For Long Hair: How To Make Them

Half-up haircuts are easy to make on medium and long hair and seem normal. Reasonable for day-to-day existence and unique occasions, these are the haircuts picked by the people who need a sure, purposely “chaotic” yet refined search regarding the Boho Stylish style.

A half-up haircut can be gotten in various ways, for instance, by tying a piece of the hair in a chignon, in a pigtail, in a mesh, or a half-updo with plaited side locks, while the remainder of the hair falls free on the shoulders or hair — sides of the face. In this article, we see thoughts for half-up haircuts, how to make them, and the frill and items that can fix the hairdo for longer and a considerably more refined style.

Boho Chic Half-Up Hairstyle

The hippy and bohemian style moves the Boho Stylish half-updo. This kind of hairdo stands apart for its regular, purposely chaotic appearance, with hair to some degree assembled or meshed delicately and locks that fall unreservedly and messy on the face. The Boho Stylish style is adaptable and can be made with plaits, waves, and twists to get or enhance with hair embellishments like blossoms, groups, or one-of-a-kind clasps. This hairdo is progressively well known for a regular look and additional extraordinary events like weddings, functions, parties, or open-air occasions.

Side Half-Updo With Waves And Curls 

To make a side half-updo with delicate waves and twists, you can utilize a hair curling accessory or stylers (to leave on for basically an hour or short-term). In any case, whenever you want, there are different techniques for making wavy hair. Whenever you have gotten waves and twists, you can make a lopsided impact by carrying the wavy locks of hair to the opposite side of the head, fixing them with a hair clip, or a beautifying flexible. For a more regular touch, let a couple of tufts of hair fall at the edges of the face.

Simple Semi-Updo On The Front Of The Head

This hairdo is easy to make with two locks of hair to be taken from the sides, at the level of the sanctuaries, in a manner of speaking (or somewhat further back, contingent upon how gathered you need the hairdo), and to be assembled on the front and focal piece of the head. For a more proper haircut, the ideal is to leave the locks straight. If not, you can search for a more clear headed impact by winding them marginally. To get the locks and tie them together where they meet, you can utilize elastics, barrettes, or hair clips.

What Does Twisting Your Hair Mean, And What Effect Is Achieved?

The hair “twisting” technique consists of taking a lock of hair and rotating it around itself, creating a sort of spiral. This can be done on both damp and dry hair, depending on the desired effect. In a half-up hairstyle, twisting the hair can add texture and visual effect. It can give the hair a more structured look and better define the collected locks, creating a contrast with the part of the hair left free. 

Long Semi-Up Hair With Braids

The braids add a bohemian touch to the half-updo, making it even more special. Braided hairstyles can vary depending on the length of the hair and the type of braid (French, Dutch, corn ear, etc.). Braids can start at the top of the hair or on one side and end in a half-up. Alternatively, you can make two braids on the sides of the head and secure them at the back with bobby pins. At the same time, the rest of the hair falls on the shoulders. 

Side Braids With Half-Up Hair

This hairstyle features one or two side braids that blend into a semi-updo. It’s a simple hairstyle to make. In the first case, braid a lock on one side and let the hair fall on the opposite side. If you want to make two braids, however, these can be joined behind the head and secured with an elastic band or hairpins, leaving the rest of the hair loose and falling softly on the shoulders. 

Semi-Gathered Long Hair Hairstyle With Chignon

For a formal occasion, a semi-updo with a chignon is ideal. This classic and refined hairstyle can be placed on the top or side of the head. To make it, collect the hair from the top of your head and wrap it around itself to form a bun. At the same time, the part of the hair under the bun remains free and soft. For a more sophisticated look, you can create a wavy effect with a curling iron or classic curlers. 

Half-Up Hairstyles With Ponytail

Semi Updo Ponytail

The semi-collected ponytail is a practical hairstyle, perfect for everyday wear but also for evening events. It is obtained by collecting only the upper part of the hair in a ponytail, leaving the remaining hair loose. 

Low Half Ponytail

Similar to the previous one, the low half ponytail just above the nape of the neck is created by taking a part of the hair from the center of the head to collect it in the classic ponytail. Once the hair is collected, it can be tied loosely with an elastic band. If you want to hide it, you can wrap a small lock of hair around it. 

How To Fix The Half-Up Hairstyle

It is understood that the essence of the half-up hairstyle is its soft, unstructured, or rigid nature. To make it last longer, you can use some styling products such as foam or a volumizing and fixing spray, which can give body and consistency to the foliage. For a more defined and “stiff” look, you can apply a gel or light wax. 

These products allow you to control your hair better and create a more structured look. If you use heat tools like curling irons or straighteners, it’s essential to protect your hair from heat with a heat protectant spray. This precaution not only prevents the risk of hair brittleness but also helps keep the hairstyle in place for a more extended period. 

Accessories For Half-Up Hairstyles

To advance the hairdo and make it significantly more refined or sober, contingent upon the look and the event, you can utilize some hair embellishments, like modern, flexible groups, cuts, fasteners, groups, or quits. Decorations can change a straightforward half-updo into a complex and popular haircut. Here are some ideas:

  1. hair ties can be simple or sophisticated, decorated with beads, bows, or crystals;
  2. clips and bobby pins are perfect for securing the hair in place and adding a touch of style with decorations such as flowers, rhinestones, or pearls;
  3. hair bands can add a touch of color and style to your hairstyle thanks to the variety of materials and colors to adapt to your outfit;
  4. hair bows can transform a simple half-updo into a more showy and eccentric, more sober or formal hairstyle.

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