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How To Detangle Your Hair Without Damaging It?

You love your hair, and you take care of it! Shampoo, conditioner, mask… You constantly repeat the same ritual, and you take food supplements to strengthen the hair fiber! However, every morning, it’s the same observation: your brush is covered in broken strands. Do you want to know some grandmother’s tips for detangling your hair without damaging it? 

Avoid Aggressive Treatments

Did you know? For example, when you use unsuitable coloring products or when you overdo bleaching, you weaken the fiber. The consequence? It’s simple! Little by little, the material becomes thinner, and the hair loses its scales and ends up breaking when brushed…

You will have understood that to keep a mermaid mane, you must be wary of aggressive chemical treatments. Want to change your look without causing damage? Go for natural coloring or henna dyeing.

Avoid Long Shampoo

To style your hair without damaging it, space out the frequency of shampoo as much as possible. Also, be wary of the cosmetics you use: you must buy a mild shampoo with a neutral base. When applying, do not leave the product on your hair for too long, and avoid massaging it vigorously. You must rinse your head quickly before using quality care. This way, your hair will be soft and easy to detangle.

Dry Your Hair Gently

Here’s another tip for detangling your hair without damaging it: you’re going to dry it gently. Want to know how to do it? It’s simple! After each shampoo, wrap your hair in a soft towel, and above all, do not rub the fragile material! You risk creating a multitude of knots that are difficult to eliminate… Are you in a hurry? Treat yourself to a bamboo fiber towel to take care of your mermaid name. You will love this trendy accessory because the bamboo fiber is gentle on the hair while being exceptionally absorbent.

Nourish Your Hair

In principle, when hair is tangled, it is because it is dry and brittle. Do you want to put an end to nasty knots? Start good habits today! Want to see how to do it? Nourish the material after each shampoo by applying a treatment mask. Choose a product suited to the nature of your hair. For example, curly or wavy manes will need a moisturizing active ingredient, while bleached hair will appreciate rich treatment. 

You can also use a decoction of flax seeds if you prefer natural care. Have you found the perfect mask? Drain your hair by hand after shampooing , then cover it with a dose of treatment. Leave the product to act for a few moments before rinsing it with clean water. Finally, finish with a rinse with vinegar water to close the scales and make the hair shine.

Apply Hair Oil

Is your hair really tangled? Can you only brush them by breaking them? We have the solution! Apply a small dose of hair oil to the dry matter. This leave-in treatment will detangle your unruly locks in an instant. And that’s not all! Hair oil protects fragile ends on a daily basis. Don’t like the look of oil on your hair? No problem! You can find care for dry hair in the form of balm, mousse, spray, etc. All of these products will give you the same results without greasing the lengths.

Buy The Right Accessories

Do you want to know which comb or brush to use to detangle your hair easily? In fact, it all depends on the nature of your hair. For wavy or curly men, opt for a wide-toothed comb. For the finest hair, use a boar bristle brush. You can also run your fingers through your wayward strands to remove tangles without pulling. This is an excellent idea if you want to preserve your curls.

Are you looking for an effective solution to take care of your little girl’s long hair? There are objects designed for this purpose: brushes designed to remove knots without causing tears. They have soft plastic pins of different heights that fit between the knots. Are you intrigued? You will find this type of product in supermarkets and on the internet.

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