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How Do I Recharge My Skin’s Batteries In Winter?

The cold is fast approaching, and we can already feel our skin sending us signals: it’s time to take out our cold weather gear! Because it’s no secret that the cold makes life difficult for our skin. But how do you react to keep your skin soft despite the attacks it undergoes this season?

What Happens To Our Skin When The Cold Weather Arrives? 

When the cold sets in, our skin is directly affected! For what? Whether outdoors or indoors – due to heating, the air is generally drier in winter, leading to the dehydration of our skin. In addition, sebum secretion is less. This natural fatty film, usually present on the surface of the skin, does not play a protective role in preventing skin evaporation. Result: the skin becomes dehydrated; that is to say, it loses water. As a result, it is less flexible, stretches, and is rough to the touch!

But the damage to the hydrolipidic film – this naturally protective film – also leads to the alteration of its barrier function! As a result, the skin is more sensitive and itchy or tight! Redness may appear, dead cells are visible, and sometimes eczema may occur because it no longer performs its protective role as well. The skin allows agents causing inflammation to pass through. In short, it is essential to compensate for these phenomena by providing fatty and moisturizing substances.

Change Your Daily Routine!

The skincare routine, therefore, clearly depends on our environment and deserves to be modified when the cold sets in! In fact, this is the time when the skin needs to be pampered more than ever…so what routine should you adopt? First, we favor micellar water to cleanse our skin.

Indeed, not requiring the use of tap water (sometimes too hard and therefore drying), Hydralina Moisturizing Micellar Water also contains Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful moisturizing active ingredient. And if it is really very affected, you can complete this cleaning with  Sensélina Lotion. Specifically formulated, its active ingredients have soothing properties – this is the case of Bisabolol – anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory thanks to Sea Buckthorn Extract in particular. 

The second step of the routine, hydrate and nourish. To do this, you can start by applying a serum: it’s a hydration concentrate! Among the active ingredients that can be included in its constitution, we find Hyaluronic Acid – with strong moisturizing properties, but also Urea, Serine… It immediately soothes the skin, also giving it suppleness and softness! Dermina’s Intense Moisturizing Serum contains an NMF complex combining numerous “super moisturizing” active ingredients. 

It instantly hydrates the skin, providing immediate and long-lasting comfort. But to maintain this hydration and replenish the damaged skin lipid barrier, the skin must be supplied with a cream full of nourishing active ingredients such as vegetable oils. Their richness in Omega-6 and 9 is a real asset for strengthening this damaged barrier. We adopt a “balm” cream whose base is made up of lipids. This is the case with Dermina’s Rich Moisturizing Cream, rich in Shea butter and Avocado oil.

Boost Your Skin Regularly With A  Hydrating Mask

Of course, a suitable routine is essential to cope with the cold that sets in. But if you want to keep your skin plump and radiant, there’s nothing like giving it a regular boost… So how do you proceed? The secret is to do a hydrating mask twice a week (or more, if necessary). It helps maintain intense hydration of the skin.

Thanks to its active ingredients, it soothes even the driest skin, leaving it soft and plump! The idea is that it contains both moisturizing and soothing active ingredients such as Allantoin and other fatty and nourishing active ingredients such as vegetable oils and Shea butter. This combination helps to deal with the problem of dehydration and drying out at the same time!

Pay Attention To The Rest Of The Body!

Taking care of your face is essential, but in case of a severe cold, our whole body suffers. And in these cases, what happens? It itches, of course! And the more you scratch, the more you irritate your skin even more! To calm these unpleasant sensations, there is nothing like using Terminal Carolina Intense Balm . 

Very rich in active ingredients restoring the skin barrier (sweet almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, shea butter), this balm offers lasting relief! It is, therefore, essential to adapt your care and habits when winter arrives to maintain beautiful, soothed skin. To do this, choose more affluent products that will compensate for the lack of sebum and dehydration due to climatic conditions!

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