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Prepare Your Skin For The End-Of-Year Holidays!

So, this year, we’re looking at the holidays a little differently than in previous years! But they come at just the right time to cheer us up: this year, perhaps even more than usual, we are going to savor this little break of glitter and joy! So it’s high time to start preparing our skin to look its best on the big day! Here are our best tips for shining on this occasion! Because beyond festive makeup, glowing skin is required these days!!

Exercise Before The Holidays

The advantage of sport is that it both naturally detoxifies the skin and boosts microcirculation. This second action promotes the oxygenation and nutrition of skin cells, which has the direct effect of making the skin luminous. Which sports should you favor? All so-called “cardio” sports, that is to say, which make you sweat, will have a positive effect on your skin! So, even if it starts to get cold and we want to go into hibernation mode, we take out our sneakers!

Focus On Food Supplements

Food supplements containing borage or evening primrose oil can give you a significant boost in radiance! For what? Because it is full of omega 6, this source of unsaturated fatty acids provides you with what your skin needs: hydration (also) from the inside! Result: your skin is luminous!

Use The Right Products!

We’re not going to lie; beautiful skin depends, above all, on the choice of suitable cosmetics! For some people who are more sensitive to spots, using a  Global Treatment at least a week before the holidays can prevent the appearance of these imperfections. But what we can all put in place to ensure we have beautiful, glowing skin is an impeccable routine as the holidays approach! To do this, as always, remove makeup and moisturize morning and evening. 

But above all, we introduce the Défensia Daily Fortifying Radiance Activator. An actual anti-fatigue concentrate for the skin, it reactivates skin radiance by acting at different levels: on the surface to repair immediate damage, at the level of the epidermis to reduce its reactivity and the tendency to have reddened skin and at the dermis level to protect against oxidation causing severe injury.

Make A Hydrating Mask Just Before The Holidays!

And, to give our skin the final boost of radiance, remember to make a moisturizing mask the day before or a few hours before the holidays! The Dermina Moisturizing Mask, thanks to its rich texture and its combination of active ingredients, leaves the skin soft, supple and intensely nourished. An unstoppable way to display magnificent and radiant skin!

A Final Touch Of Festive Makeup!

Only when you have taken care of your skin so that it is perfectly nourished and hydrated can you finally take out your brushes? For the holidays, you can afford to pull out all the stops! But we choose the smoky eyes or the pretty red mouth! And above all, we opt for waterproof makeup so that it lasts perfectly! And just once, we can take out our glitter! But not for a total “disco-ball” look! They are located on part of the face! In short, party makeup is more intense than usual but not “too much”!

In Short 

You will have understood that beautiful, radiant skin cannot be improvised! So, to properly prepare for the holidays, we’re starting our “beautiful skin for the holidays” plan of attack now!

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