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How To Take Care Of Your Skin Without Giving Up Tanning

Sun and skin frequently live in a steady “love-disdain” relationship, particularly throughout the late spring period, in which delightful days spent outside, adrift, in the mountains or the city are the heroes. For the sun and skin to live in a beautiful (however fragile) balance, specific consideration should be paid during direct openness and a short time later.

Tight skin, redness and burn from the sun, loss of versatility and dim spots are among the leading “summer side effects”. After each sun’s openness, treating the skin with explicit items fit for calming and limiting some “irritating” impacts of bright radiation is fundamental. How might you keep up with your skin’s prosperity without surrendering the sun’s advantages?

Apply A Sunscreen Product

To be chosen with  SPF  (Sun Protection Factor  ) suitable for your phototype (the higher, the more the subject belongs to a prototype with very light skin, blond hair, reactivity to the sun, and little tendency to tan). It should be applied several times under the sun (every 2/3 hours) on all exposed areas in an adequate quantity.

After Sunbathing, Cleanse

Cleansing the skin for the face and the body is essential to remove sun product residues and accumulated impurities (sweat, sand, etc.) to prepare it for the subsequent treatment. First, cleansing products must be formulated to be well tolerated even by the most sensitive skin, as in the case of those exposed to the sun. 

The choice of product depends on your skin type, as well as on the particular conditions in which the skin is found. For example, in the case of skin subjected to solar stress, it is advisable to use a cleanser free of alcohol and perfumes, often photosensitizing, which cleanses while respecting the hydrolipidic protective film of the skin without dehydrating it. Particular attention should also be paid to cleansing skin damaged by intense sunburn and sunburn.

In this case, the preferred detergent must be as physiological as possible so as not to aggravate the condition, preferably if it contains ingredients with a  soothing and refreshing action. Rinsing must be carried out with plenty of fresh water. Even the cleansing of more sensitive areas, such as the armpits or the groin-genital areas, requires particular attention during summer.

 In fact, in a situation of excessive heat and sweating, the onset of alterations in the pH and other physiological parameters of the skin is more likely, favoring the onset of bacterial-fungal infections, irritations or other unwanted manifestations. In these conditions, excessive rubbing should always be avoided during cleansing, and it is recommended to dry well by gently dabbing the skin surface.

After Sunbathing, Moisturize

The third step following sun openness is restoring proper skin hydration, which diminishes definitely because of the abundant sun-oriented radiation. Precisely, delayed exposure to the sun and causing notable harm, for example, photoaging, erythema and sun-related burn, eliminates a critical amount of water from the skin and harms the hydrolipidic film and the skin boundary structure.

After a sunbath, it is undoubtedly fundamental to re-establish the right degree of skin hydration and assist with reconstituting the defensive film, subsequently working on the skin’s stylish and practical appearance. To help reestablish the skin to ideal hydration conditions, it is fitting to apply emulsions because of hydrating and humectant substances, which permit the layer corneum to build its water content. Utilizing utilitarian substances equipped for calming sun-harmed skin ought to likewise be thought of.

Like this, it is fundamental for both the face and the body to apply an item with hydrating and emollient properties after sun openness, in liquid or full-bodied cream, with demonstrated viability in decreasing breaking and chipping (regular indications of dryness) with fast activity. What’s more, dependable.

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