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Layered Bob: This Stylish Bob Hairstyle Flatters Every Hair Type

If you think of giving your hair a new hairstyle for the summer, the layered bob could be perfect. The airy, feminine cut is just the right length for warm days. And best of all: it flatters every hair type!

Especially in summer, when the temperatures are rising and the mane is held out of the face as a ponytail or messy bun, many people toy with the idea of ​​shortening their hair. But it shouldn’t be too short either. After all, the summer is over at some point, and you suddenly long for your long hair.

This is where the layered bob comes in. It is the ideal hairstyle for everyone who wants to approach a short hairstyle. We’ll tell you what distinguishes the layered bob and how the hair do is best styled.

Bob Hairstyle: This Is What Characterizes The Popular Haircut For Summer

Bob hairstyles are super popular. There is now a range of trendy bob variations, from classically short to feminine long bobs. The layered bob can be classified somewhere in between. It’s the perfect way to get used to shorter hair.

The hair is not shortened radically but cut in soft levels. This makes them look particularly feminine. In contrast to the long bob, the layered bob’s hair does not reach the shoulders. The tiered haircut makes the hair look a little frayed and not as accurate, which is why the cut is super easy to style.

The Best Thing About The Layered Bob: 

Both fine and thick hair benefit from the layered cut. While the fringed look creates a little volume with fine hair, the steps with a thick mane can be placed so that they visually thin the hair a little and the cut is not too wide.

This Is How The Layered Bob Is Styled

The trendy step cut can also score points when it comes to styling. Round brushes, straighteners, and curling irons are not necessary for the hairstyle to fit. After washing your hair, apply a little styling foam or structure spray to your hair. This brings the steps nicely into shape and also provides more volume.

We can learn a trick from French women: go to bed in the evening with slightly damp hair. This naturally brings movement to the hair and makes it fall more interestingly the next morning.

But if you like to take the time for special hairstyling, we recommend Beach Waves. The soft waves make the layered bob look casual and beautifully summary.

Who Does The Layered Bob Suit?

The layered bob can look great on flat, thin hair and a thick mane. The trendy hairstyle could also be interesting for those who want to grow their hair long. Because it also works as a long bob variant, the hair is shortened a little towards the back and layered through.

We recommend wearing the layered bob a little longer for wavy and curly hair so that the hair ends around the shoulders. This way, you avoid the frayed cut appearing too wild. As a precaution, consult your trusted hairdresser for advice.

Layered Bob: This Is How You Care For Them Properly

In the case of fringed looks, the care of the ends of the hair should not be neglected. So treat your hair lengths regularly to a moisturizing hair treatment or mask. Hair oil or leave-in conditioner also makes the tips silky-soft and makes them shine nicely. Work a few drops of the care product into damp hair lengths after washing.

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