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Meteorism: Symptoms, Causes, All Remedies

Bloating is the abdominal sensation of bloating, which can accompany pain, flatulence, and belching. There may be several causes related more or less to food or stress and anxieties. Let’s find out better.

Symptoms Of Meteorism

When suffering from meteorismo, the body responds with abdominal cramps, grumbles, and flatulence. The sensation of abdominal bloating is also often accompanied by dull (but sometimes intense) pain and belching.

Causes Of Meteorism

This disorder is due to wrong food combinations or excessive intake of gas-producing foods (fruit, vegetables, and foods rich in fiber). Even intolerance to milk and its derivatives (due to the inability to digest lactose) can cause meteorismo. In the case of celiac disease, meteorism is found very quickly, given gluten intolerance.  However, remember that the susceptibility of the intestinal mucosa also derives from the state of accumulated stress since the intestine is the warehouse of emotions.


To effectively diagnose meteorism, it is necessary to analyze the patient’s eating habits using a food diary for a certain period. The symptoms of meteorism are common to many other diseases; therefore, it will be necessary to exclude them through specific analyses, such as blood tests, to identify any food intolerances or celiac disease.

Treatme Against Meteorism

Nutrition In The Case Of Meteorism

In abdominal bloating episodes, the body sends us signals, and it is worth listening to them. Review your diet and health and create a functional relationship between the second over the first. Better to increase the intake of foods rich in  B vitamins. Give preference to foods with a high intake of  omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Take every day for at least two weeks (and, if you can, for a month) a sachet of live lactic ferments in the morning on an empty stomach dissolved in a bit of water. Give preference to Lactobacillus – Acidophilus, which helps the body detoxify. The cure can be enriched by consuming a jar of the whole yogurt daily. Foods to avoid: refined flour products, alcoholic beverages, meat from farm animals, foods with additives, coffee, and black tea.  Increase the daily intake of natural mineral water, preferably between meals, and use it for cooking and preparing green tea, infusions, and decoctions.

Herbal Remedies 

After meals, it may be helpful to take an infusion based on Isoppo,  prepared with one tablespoon of leaves and flowers in 250 ml of natural mineral water. To stimulate intestinal peristalsis, Raphanus sativus niger (contains an essential oil sulfate, vitamins C and B, and enzymes), in the form of fluid extract. Fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare) in the form of a fluid extract, in the dose of 20 drops diluted in a little natural mineral water, twice a day, between meals, can help to keep symptoms under control, thanks to the positive action on the intestinal peristalsis. In milder forms, a digestive infusion can be prepared with two teaspoons of Chamomile flowers, one teaspoon of lemon balm leaves, one teaspoon of mint leaves, one teaspoon of juniper berries, two teaspoons of fennel seeds, and two teaspoons of Anise seeds.

Even the essential oil of anise, anti-fermentative and carminative, counteracts meteorism by facilitating digestion and fighting gas formation. 

Bach Flowers Against Meteorism

Flori Therapy also helps us in the treatment of purification and stimulation of the large intestine, which has immediate repercussions on our appearance. In addition to the intake of magnesium chloride and lactic ferments, it combines three specific Bach flowers: Mustard (antidepressant), Gentian (for those who are melancholy and discouraged), and Willow (to “sweeten” anger and mitigate the sense of failure). Always ask your trusted phytotherapist, but remember that the intake involves:

  1. Diluting two drops of each flower in a 30ml dropper bottle.
  2. Adding two teaspoons of brandy.
  3. Filling it with natural mineral water. Take four drops four times a day for at least three weeks.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this disorder is linked to Fire and has a physiological and emotional value. Acupuncture treats this type of disorder by intervening in regulating gas exchange both at the level of the first tract of the digestive system and directly at the intestinal level.

Homeopathy In The Case Of Meteorism

The choice of the most suitable homeopathic remedy for treating meteorism is essentially based on the abdomen’s region, the meteorism’s characteristics, and the triggering factors. Very often, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition.

  1. Carbo vegetabilis 5 CH 5 granules, three times a day
  2. China 9 CH 5 granules, 1-3 times a day;
  3. Colocynthis 9 CH 5 granules before main meals. Always consult with your trusted homeopath.


Breathing is a great way to reconnect with your sense of nurturing. Eating means putting in energy, and the first form of what we introduce starts from breathing. Meditation is also great. In general, resuming training allows you to restore the rhythms of sleep and hunger. You can also perform massages on your abdomen in a circular direction alternating between clockwise and counterclockwise.

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