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Nyaa Torrents Proxy – Watch Anime, Manga Content For Free

Nyaa Torrents proxy is the proxy site of the original Nyaa Torrents, which illegally provides Anime, music, movies, and manga content. The website is famous for Anime and action movies for kids. It ran successfully until 2016, but this site is blocked in a few countries due to a violation of original copyrights. But it would help if you did not worry, they are many proxy/mirror sites to access the original Nyaa Torrents. One of them is the Nyaa Torrents proxy.

About Nyaa Torrents Proxy

The interface is quite appealing. The site is shut down due to various issues. Many proxy and mirror sites came into existence. Many sites claim that they are genuine mirror sites for Nyaa Torrents proxy. As you open the website’s homepage, you can see login, signup, rules, IRC, RSS, and torrent proxy options on the main page.

All categories available on Nyaa Torrents Proxy are listed below.

  • Anime
  • Anime music video
  • Anime English translated
  • Anime -non-English-translated
  • Anime -raw
  • Audio
  • Audio-lossless
  • Audio-lossy
  • Literature
  • Literature-English translated
  • Literature -non -English- translated
  • Literature-Raw
  • Live action
  • Live action-English-translated
  • Live action-idol/promotional video
  • Live action- non-English translated
  • Live action raw
  • Pictures
  • Pictures – graphics

These are the categories available on Nyaa Torrents Proxy. You can search for your favorite content in the search bar or click on the options on the main page.

What is the Nyaa Torrents website banned?

Nyaa Torrents website is the most famous and leading torrent site among other torrent sites.

It has monthly visits of more than 40 million. The authorities shut down the site when it violated copyright laws. The site domains such as Nyaa.info, Nyaa.se, and Nyaa. eu and Nyaa.org are blocked with immediate effect.

After the website was banned for various reasons, many other torrent admins used the fame and name of Nyaa by incorporating the ‘Nyaa’ name in their domain names. Those newly created websites provide the same content but could not live up to the expectations of the original Nyaa Torrents.

Websites that used the keyword ‘Nyaa’ are as follows.

  • Nyaa.Pantsu
  • Nyaa.se
  • Nyaa2
  • Nyaa.rip
  • Nyaa.ISS
  • Nyaa.INK

Nyaa. si is still working and is running very successfully. Though many proxy/mirror sites of Nyaa Torrents are blocked, when you search the Nyaa Torrents proxy on any web browser, you are led to the page of nyaa.si proxy.

Nyaa Torrents working proxy sites

nyaa.euUnited States

As soon as the original website was deactivated in 2107 in many countries worldwide, Nyaa Torrents proxy servers came into the picture. One of them is Nyaa Torrents Proxy. It is working fine and is easy to access. Original website owners are running the website with proxy servers. They were operating from underground when the attacks on the website started. Governments do not allow such websites. Nyaa Torrents is a website that illegally provides Anime torrent links.

Working Nyaa Torrents proxy list worldwide

S.NONyaa Proxy/MirrorsStatusSpeedLocation
1Nyaa.pantsu.catOnlineVery FastUnited States
2Bypass NyaaOnlineVery FastUnited States
3sitenable.top/nyaa-proxyOnlineVery FastUnited States
4sukebei.nyaa.siOnlineVery FastLuxembourg
5nya.iss.oneOnlineVery FastUnited States
6freeanimesonline.com/nyaa-proxyOnlineVery FastUnited States

Alternatives to Nyaa Torrents Proxy

Browser for Nyaa Torrents Proxy

Many browsers blocked access to the Nyaa Torrents Proxy website. So to unblock Nyaa Torrents, use the TOR browser, which anonymizes your web traffic. Just download the TOR browser, and your job is done. TOR browser doesn’t have access, so you can easily visit the Nyaa Torrents proxy.

Unblock Nyaa Torrents Proxy with a VPN service

You can block Nyaa Torrents proxy with a proper VPN tool, which will protect your IP address, so you are untraced while browsing and downloading the content from the website. Download a reliable VPN service and register it with monthly or annual subscription plans. Some free VPN services are also available. We suggest you not go for a free VPN because your data may be compromised.

Content available on Nyaa Torrents Proxy

All the anime content available on the Nyaa Torrents proxy is as follows.

Anime movies

Anime movies, along with subtitles, are uploaded on Nyaa Torrents Proxy.

  • Kuzu no Honkai Vol. 3 (Scum’s Wish) [BDRip] [Hi10] [1080p]High School DxD NEW [720p] [BD] [Dual Audio] [ded sec]
  • Youjo Senki – MAGA (Saga of Tanya the Evil) [720p] [Hard-sub]
  • Attack on Titan S2 – 07 (32) (WEB 1080p Hi10 AAC) [Dual-Audio]
  • Battle Spirits Double Drive – 06
  • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry BDRip 720p [8-bit MKV AAC]
  • Sono Okodawari, Watashi ni mo Kure yo!! 2016 Complete 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA


All the latest books of Anime and manga are uploaded on Nyaa Torrents Proxy. Books are converted into PDF and EPUB and uploaded on the website as zip folders. The size of the file is very less and easily downloadable.

  • Tadaima, Okaeri 5-Ekstra
  • Love Buzz 10
  • Super Lovers II – 07
  • Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai C05 B25
  • Out of Control 26-30
  • Hidoku Shinaide 23
  • Live Action Raw
  • Wake Up, Girls! BDrip 1920×1080 HEVC-YUV420P10 FLAC
  • Kamen Rider 555 – 04
  • Sono Okodawari, Watashi ni mo Kure yo!! 2016 Complete 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA
  • Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours First Love Live! ~Step Zero to One!

Video quality available on Nyaa Torrents Proxy

Very high-quality to normal video quality uploads is available on Nyaa Torrents proxy.

  • 480 pixels: The size of the video of 480 pixels varies from 400MB to 500 MB.
  • 720 pixels: HD quality starts from 720 pixels. The size of the video varies from 700MB to 1GB.
  • 1080 pixels & 4K: HD definition, high quality, and resolution are from 1080p and 4k. The size of the video ranges from 2GB to 6 GB.

Formats available on Nyaa Torrents Proxy

All video formats are available on Nyaa Torrents Proxy. Some of them are listed below.

  • MKV: MKV is a video format.
  • Mp4: very familiar to everyone who wants to download content from websites.
  • RAR: RAR file is a zip file where a collection of files is made into a single file. Downloading is much easy.
  • FLAC: FLAC is an audio file that is very large where the sound quality is intact.
  • Mp3: Mp3 is an audio file where documentaries are recorded and converted into mp3 files. Mp3 file occupies less storage in your device.

How to download from Nyaa Torrents Proxy?

There are many ways to download content from Nyaa Torrents proxy. A torrent link is provided where you can download the torrent file. Open that file in third-party app torrent clients then it will automatically download. Website owners who upload the content also provide direct links to the files.

Is it safe to download Nyaa Torrents proxy?

It is safe to download the content from the Nyaa Torrents proxy. Not much harm to the device, but the website is illegal. Browsing the website and downloading the content from the website is a criminal offense. So please don’t support such websites that run illegally. The admins of Nyaa Torrents Proxy copy the original content and publish it.

Legal platforms

These days OTT platforms are ruling the entertainment industry. They are official OTT platforms. Some of them are

  • Netflix
  • Sony liv
  • Hot star
  • Zee5
  • Amazon prime

Final Say

Nyaa Torrents proxy is a proxy website of Nyaa Torrents which was shut down long before. The site is running in various parts of the world. The site illegally provides Anime collections, Movies, Books, Magazines, and manga. Our website doesn’t support illegal websites such as Nyaa Torrents proxy. We don’t go against the government. We also request our viewers not to support such Websites.

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