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Rose Water Is A Must-Have In Your Beauty Bag

Essential in cosmetics, rose water is used in the composition of many care products. And for a good reason, its multiple virtues are stunning: antibacterial, antioxidant, moisturizing, toning, relaxing… and the list is not exhaustive! It has also been used since the dawn of time; Cleopatra had thus made her beauty ally. Therefore, a focus is essential on this miracle product that will revolutionize your daily life.

Rose Water Is A Natural Cosmetic Full Of Nutrients

Queen among flowers, the rose is the very symbol of love and passion. Renowned for its delicate fragrance, it is also the emblem of femininity par excellence. But it is, above all, the powerful active ingredients that make it up that make it one of the flagship products of the current trend in natural cosmetics.

Indeed, rose floral water is, above all, a powerful anti-aging thanks to its high concentration of vitamin A. It also acts as an anti-wrinkle. Rich in vitamin C, its concealer action accentuates an immediate healthy glow effect. It also contains vitamin E, an anti-inflammatory that soothes redness and irritation. It also has healing power.

But that’s not all. It also contains essential fatty acids (omega 3) that guarantee suppleness and skin elasticity. Linolenic acid, part of their composition, protects the skin from the sun’s rays and soothes it. Rose water also helps soothe razor burn and hair removal. In addition, enriched with minerals, it promotes microcirculation and treats skin problems such as acne or eczema.

Orient All Bio Rose Water, A Guarantee Of Quality

Since ancient times, the inhabitants of the Middle East and the Maghreb have used rose petals for culinary purposes to flavor their dishes. This has undoubtedly made it possible to highlight their influence on the well-being of populations. Early on, Arab medicine advised rose infusions to relieve transit problems or even rose baths to promote relaxation.

 Subsequently, in ancient Egypt, we see the first steam distillations of rose petals appear. These make it possible to obtain the precious hydrosol that concentrates all the rose’s benefits. In Tunisia, Orient-All Bio rose water comes from traditional artisanal distillation via a conventional still. 

Coming from fair trade, the flowers are carefully selected and picked by hand, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The rose water thus retains all of its purity, ensuring its effectiveness. Also, its packaging in amber bottles is a wise choice of the Orient-All Bio brand to reduce direct contact with light and heat.

A product adapted to each step of your beauty Ritual

Exit tonic lotions containing alcohol and causing the skin to dry out! Intended for all skin types, Orient-All organic water can be integrated into each step of your beauty routine. For facial care, gently apply floral water as a toner after removing makeup. In addition to removing all impurities, it will cleanse the face thanks to its natural antibacterial action. 

Astringent, will, at the same time, control excess sebum and tighten dilated pores and smooth features. In the morning, apply to the skin with a wet cotton ball, and it will delicately perfume it while cleansing and refreshing it. It will also hydrate and nourish it. You can also put a few drops in your skincare cream to increase the moisturizing active ingredients.

For the hair, do not hesitate to incorporate it directly into the shampoo to hydrate dry and brittle hair. Integrated into the rinsing water, it will also bring them to shine. You can also spray the hair during styling. Not only will you leave the subtle scent of rose in your wake, but its moisturizing action will continue throughout your day!

A Unique Vegetable Ingredient As A DIY Skincare Base

As a base for DIY beauty treatments, floral water will be the perfect ally for all your preparations. Here are some homemade face and hair recipes offered by Orient-All Bio. To the rose water, add the following:

  1. Argan oil to obtain an effective makeup remover.
  2. Green clay for a special oily skin mask to be left on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing.
  3. Jojoba oil to apply as a mask on damaged hair.
  4. For a regenerating face mask: 2 tablespoons of yogurt, two tablespoons of honey, and two tablespoons of rose water to rinse off after 20 minutes.

So, who would have guessed the multifunctional role of rose water in your bathroom? And for beauty addicts, do you want a little celebrity secret? Spray your floral water on the face as a makeup base. After a few minutes, apply your makeup. Result: a silky, velvety complexion worthy of a fashion figure. Do not hesitate to tell us about the different uses you make of your floral water in the comments. Treat yourself and take care of yourself!

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