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Straw Hair: 6 Natural Tips To Fight Against It!

Dried out, malnourished, challenging to comb… when the thermometer goes down, our hair can appear like a bale of straw! It is better to quickly start a course of nourishing treatments and the right anti-breakage gestures.

Dry Hair: What Are Their Needs?

More than just surface hydration, dry and brittle hair requires real deep nutrition. It is ensured by lipid-replenishing and repairing agents, namely kinds of butter and oils of plant origin, fatty acids, ceramides, protein, and amino acid complexes, which will restore the missing lipids, reconstitute the keratin, fix the water in the hair fiber, close the open scales and coat the lengths, which then regain elasticity and shine.

Why Do I Have Straw Hair?

You have probably already noticed that the lack of light and the drop in temperature affect our morale and our hair! They become drier, duller, and less shiny. They can be dry, such as curly, frizzy, and frizzy hair. But, most of the time, the lengths are just dehydrated because of the aggressions they suffer every day: wind, cold, pollution, but also excessive washing, repeated brushing, the daily passage of straightening plates, coloring, straightening.

Over time, they weaken and deteriorate. Points wear out and become forked. Detangling becomes difficult, and styling is a headache. However, solutions exist to find hair in better shape. They provided you adopt the winning combination: care + protection. We will tell you more in our slideshow.

Why Does My Hair Become Dry And Brittle?

It’s a vicious circle because the more the hair becomes fragile, the drier it is. However, they do not have the same ability as the skin to defend itself. Therefore, they put up with external aggression for a while, then “surrender.” Lipids and amino acids, which are the constituents of hair proteins, are lacking. The keratin etiolated, the scales peel off, and the hair becomes weak, porous, and brittle. Rough to the touch, they are dull and no longer reflect light.

Straw Hair: 5 Things To Do To Restore Their Shine?

In the fall, our hair often looks sad. They can be dull and dry with a “straw” feel. The more your hair dehydrates, the more the scales that interlock on their surface open up. The hair then no longer reflects the light. ! If you have colored or highlighted hair, the phenomenon is aggravated by the “fading” of your color.

A Refreshing Wash!

  1. For normal or fine hair: opt for a shampoo with an acid pH to close the scales.
  2. For dry or thick hair: nourish the fiber with an ultra-repairing shampoo.
  3. For colored hair: restore depth to your color with a depigmenting shampoo.

A Nourishing Mask!

  1. Applies on the lengths, acts in 1 to 5 min.
  2. Aim for an ultra-rich version that closes the scales for dry, thick hair.
  3. Take a shine-boosting softening treatment for fine hair and apply it strand by strand.

An Astringent Rinse!

Whatever the nature of the hair, nothing beats Grandma’s recipe to regain a natural shine: finish rinsing with cold water and cider vinegar to neutralize the limescale in the water and smooth the scales.

A Gentle Spin!

Do not let your hair air dry. Waterlogged, they bristle and become dull. Wring them out as much as possible with a towel.

Smooth Drying!

  1. To give the hair mirror reflections, nothing beats an excellent brushing. Use a hair dryer with anti-static ionic technology that preserves the fiber or a ceramic-coated straightener.
  2. Before styling, apply a dab of shine serum to your lengths. Check that it does not contain too much silicone, which weighs down the hair.

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