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Stomach Acid Diet

What foods to prefer to relieve stomach pain: the acidity diet is simple and effective. Stomach acidity is annoying and difficult to counteract; moreover, it can depend on various causes.

How To Fight Stomach Acid? What Type Of Diet Is Indicated For Stomach Acid?

Stomach Acidity, The Causes

Heartburn can depend on numerous factors; among the main causes of stomach acid, there are:

  1. Incorrect eating habits;
  2. gastroesophageal reflux ;
  3. gastritis ;
  4. pregnancy ;
  5. Drug therapies.

Stomach Acid Symptoms

The main symptom of stomach acid is a burning sensation in the stomach. However, this can be accompanied by other more or less common symptoms, including:

  1. Burning in the chest;
  2. abdominal swelling;
  3. stomach pain ;
  4. vomiting ;
  5. nausea ;
  6. regurgitation;
  7. dry cough ;
  8. sore throat ;
  9. belching;
  10. Extrasystoles.

How To Prevent Heartburn

In cases where you suffer from stomach acid, to prevent it, it is very important to pay attention to the choice of foods and, in general, to your eating habits and lifestyle.

In Particular :

  1. Avoid or limit all foods with acidic characteristics and prefer, instead, foods with a low acid content;
  2. Chew very well and consume the meal slowly to avoid excessive air intake and favour the digestive process, especially in cases where stomach acid is accompanied by abdominal swelling, belching or bad digestion;
  3. Consume small and frequent meals: in this way, excessive production of gastric acids will be avoided;
  4. Maintain a suitable body weight ;
  5. do not smoke ;
  6. Keep active.

Yes, Foods For Stomach Acid

Some foods can soothe or prevent stomach acid; however, remember that it is a rather emotional disorder. Therefore, it is necessary to experiment personally and exclude or limit all foods that cause the appearance or worsening of symptoms. Among the recommended foods, there are :

  1. Vegetables;
  2. ginger;
  3. oats;
  4. fruits such as bananas, apples, and pears;
  5. low-fat meat;
  6. egg white;
  7. avocado and olive oil.

Foods Not For Stomach Acid

As with recommended foods, even for foods to avoid stomach acid, it is necessary to try them before excluding them: for some subjects, they could accentuate the symptoms; for others, not.

Among The Foods To Avoid Are :

  1. Very fatty foods, such as fried foods, aged cheeses, and cold cuts;
  2. tomatoes ;
  3. chocolate ;
  4. coffee ;
  5. mint ;
  6. garlic and onion ;
  7. spices such as pepper and chili peppers ;
  8. alcohol;
  9. vinegar.

Stomach Acidity: The Right Food Combinations

In addition to avoiding foods not recommended in case of stomach acid, it is important to compose the dish in the right way, more specifically:

  1. Prefer lean protein sources, such as meat, fish or legumes ;
  2. always accompany the meal with vegetables ;
  3. season with raw olive oil ;
  4. combine a digestible glucidic, protein and lipid source, for example, toasted bread, white fish, vegetables and raw oil.

Stomach Acidity: The Wrong Food Combinations

It is not recommended to combine acidic or poorly digestible foods in the same dish, for example:

  1. Tomato pasta cooked with onion or garlic;
  2. fried eggs with bacon;
  3. tuna, beans and onion;
  4. pasta with garlic, oil and chili pepper;
  5. smoked salmon with boiled egg and avocado;
  6. herbal tea with lemon or coffee and chocolate.

What To Drink If You Have Heartburn

In case of stomach acidity, in addition to water, you can drink herbal teas based on fennel, mallow or dandelion. However, the following should be avoided:

  1. You;
  2. coffee;
  3. tomato juice;
  4. Orange juice;
  5. fruit juice;
  6. Lemonade

Stomach Acid Diet: Examples

Now let’s look at an example of a stomach acid diet:

  1. Breakfast: skimmed milk or yogurt with rolled oats,
  2. blanched almonds and a banana.
  3. Lunch: rice or barley with peas, carrots and oil.
  4. Snack:  pear slices with cinnamon and walnuts.
  5. Dinner: baked cod filet with cream of zucchini,
  6. oil and toasted bread.

Stomach Acidity In Pregnancy

Pregnancy most often causes:

  1. Nausea;
  2. He retched;
  3. reflux and acidity.

One of the remedies to counteract gastric reflux and nausea is to take fresh ginger or ginger tea before meals.

Over-The-Counter Medications For Heartburn

Many drugs can counteract stomach acid. However, it is good to improve your eating habits first and then resort to the drug only occasionally, if necessary. Among the most common drugs against stomach acid, we mention Biochetasi, Gaviscon, Maalox or proton pump inhibitors, such as omeprazole

Natural Remedies For Stomach Acid

Among the home remedies for stomach acid is the intake of effervescent granules or soothing herbal teas such as mallow or fennel.

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