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Red Nails 2022: Ideas And Inspirations For A Trendy Manicure

Red nails – together with French manicures – are a timeless classic, perfect for adding a touch of class to any look. To show off in different shades throughout the year, red nails can be declined in many different styles. Forget Valentine’s nails or Christmas nails and say hello to fun and whimsical red nail art, ideal for any occasion: a beach vacation, a romantic getaway, or a special event. 

With jeans and a white crop top or with an elegant evening dress: they go well with any look. Also, if you want your manicure to last as long as possible, opt for gel nails, even better if done by a professional. But how to choose the most suitable red nail polish for you? As with lipsticks, the rule is to observe your skin type. 

Every complexion requires a shade of red that best enhances it. The paler your complexion, the warmer and brighter the shade of red should be. In these cases, it is preferable to opt for coral, light red, or burgundy shades. If you have a dark complexion, however, you can indulge yourself with all shades of red, from flashy to cherry-colored ones.

There are perfect manicures for short nails and nail art that look especially good on XXL nails. To decorate red nails originally, sometimes very little is enough: like adding a thin stripe or a geometric pattern, using a contrasting shade. And if a single shade isn’t enough, you can combine different colors and you’ll see how even a single detail can transform a simple manicure into pure art. Ready to discover the coolest red nails of the moment?

Decorated Red Nails

If you want to make red nail polish special in a completely delicate and inconspicuous way, opt for this minimal style of nail art perfect for an elegant and chic look. We advise you to focus on gel nails as they lend themselves very well to nail art and have a duration ranging from 2 to 4 weeks, what more could you want?

Red And White Nails

There are some trends that never go out of style, such as red and white nails for example. How about this half-French manicure? The details of the white stand out noticeably with the red glaze. A must-try!

Short Red Nails

Are you a fan of short nails? Then these half-moon red nails might be for you. And what’s more, with semi-permanent nail polish there’s no risk of them getting ruined.

Red And Black Nails

Do you remember the legendary bandana that was trendy in the 90s? Well, her unmistakable print is back in the limelight on jackets, trousers… and now also on nails. It is the perfect manicure not to go unnoticed,

Red Nails With Drawings

 you don’t want red nails with flashy decorations but you don’t want to give up effective nail art? So how about nails with red stars?  And then they are super cool.

Matte Red Nails

Do you love red nails and are you looking for something sophisticated and original? Have you thought about a matte top coat? It is the ideal solution to give character to red nail polish without distorting it too much.

Red Nails With Glitter

 If you want to give a sparkling effect to your red nails, opt for glitter. And for an even bolder look, let yourself be inspired by this nail art decorated with glittery lightning bolts, leopard print, and fun designs.

Coral Red Nails

Coral red nails are one of the summer must-haves but nothing prevents you from showing them off even in winter to liven up the look. Versatile and elegant, they are suitable for all ages and look good on any nail shape.

Red Nails With French

If a French manicure is your thing, then why not try red French nails? It is a classic French with a nude or transparent base but with red ends. Elegant and refined, they lend themselves well to almond-shaped nails.

Red And Pink Nails

Another winning combo is that of red and pink. We are used to seeing this mix of colors on the outfits of the biggest influencers of the moment. And now we also find them on the nails. A romantic and super trendy manicure.

Red Leopard Nails

If you feel like experimenting and daring then you should try red leopard nails. It is the right compromise for those who want to try an animalier manicure without exaggerating. The effect is original and refined at the same time.

Red And Silver Nails

Red and silver nails are just di-vi-ne. And what about this red nail art with silver stars? We find it adorable! An original, fun, and lively manicure.

Dark Red Nails

We know what you’re thinking: “wow”, right? Dark red nails give a mysterious and sophisticated allure to whoever wears them. Many decorations can enrich dark red nail art. Here’s one of the versions we love so much: a combo of cherry and wine red. Gritty, glamorous, sexy, and elegant they can be worn on both extra long and short nails. The choice is yours! With  Treatwell, you can book beauty treatments online at your favorite salons – it’s quick and easy. Discover the best salons in your area.

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