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Clothing Stylish & Sustainable: You Can Wear These 5 Pieces Of Clothing Forever

Clothing Stylish and Fashion trends are significant – but as suddenly as they appear they quickly disappear from the radar. That’s why we’re getting these timeless pieces of clothing that will still be in five years from now. This is good for the wallet and especially good for the environment.

Clothing Stylish- Far too often, we buy clothes that neither fit properly nor suit our style and which we don’t need. But it’s just a trend. Pieces of this kind will most likely end up in the closet or the trash sooner or later.

Clothing Stylish- It is estimated that one million tons of clothing are thrown away every year. And often not because the item of Clothing Stylish is damaged, but because the trousers or skirt, which were recently totally hip, simply no longer appeal. Conscious and sustainable clothing consumption looks different.

Clothing Stylish- It’s good that a rethinking is taking place in the throwaway ruling society and that more and more labels are relying on sustainable and fairly produced clothing. We, too, think: being fashionable does not mean owning tons of clothes and following every trend. It is much more essential to shop more consciously and have some perfect pieces hanging in the closet that are timeless and that we will love – and wear – for years to come.

Clothing Stylish- That doesn’t mean that from now on, we always have to wear the same clothes and follow a strict minimalist capsule wardrobe. The pieces should only be selected so that they can easily be combined again and again and harmonize with different trend pieces. We’ll show you five pieces of Clothing Stylishthat you can wear forever.

Clothing Stylish- You Can Wear These 5 Pieces Of Clothing Forever

1: Well-Fitting Jeans

Admittedly, it is not that easy to find jeans that fit perfectly and that you feel comfortable in. But the search for THE one is worth it. Because jeans are absolute all-time favorites: They are timeless, always go and can be combined with anything. In addition, the denim pants can be styled elegantly or casually according to the occasion with little effort.

When it comes to the cut, it’s best to use a simple model without cracks, washes and the like, and the color shouldn’t be too fancy either. The more extravagant the jeans, the greater the likelihood that you will no longer like the pants after a short time.

The jeans should also fit perfectly and flatter the figure. Medium or high waist cuts are particularly flattering. In terms of material, thicker, sturdier jeans are a better choice. Thin models with a lot of stretches can wear out quickly. It is worth spending a few euros more, and then you will have your favorite jeans for a long time.

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2: A Warm Winter Jacket

Another piece that should not be missing in any wardrobe: a warm jacket for the winter. The absolute classics among winter jackets include jackets and coats in puffer and quilted looks. They have been among our fashion favorites in the cold season for ages and will still look astonishing ten years from now.

The advantages of puffer jackets: They keep chilblains warm even in freezing temperatures, are friendly and comfortable, and breathable. The winter jackets are now available in all possible variants: classic in black, colorful, short, long or extra-wide.

The new trend collection Outerwear Collection has everything in the store that we need for winter. In addition to long quilted coats in classic black, it also includes jacket models in light beige, which ensure lightness in the dreary season and pieces in statement red that is a great eye-catcher.

And when it comes to cuts, too, diversity is the order of the day. Whether elegant designs, figure-flattering silhouettes or sporty jackets perfect for outdoor activities – there is something here for every taste. 

Plus Point: The Jackets Are More Sustainable

There’s another reason why jackets are so great: The outerwear collection is made with recycled polyester. This saves valuable resources and keeps the material in a closed cycle for longer: For example, textile and packaging scraps or plastic bottles are recycled.

With its Sustainability Strategy, the fashion label has set the goal of using 100 percent sustainable core materials by 2028. In addition to recycled polyester, these include viscose from more sustainable sources or organic cotton. Denim fabrics and linen are also certified to be more environmentally friendly. Currently, over 70 per cent of the materials used are from more sustainable sources.

3: A Cozy Cashmere Sweater

A good sweater is a must in the wardrobe – not just in winter. Even on cool summer evenings, we style sweaters with summer dresses or midi skirts. So that you don’t have to dispose of the piece every season, you should rely on sound quality.

Our tip: a cozy cashmere sweater. It is a bit more expensive, but also an investment for several years. Because with cashmere, you can be relatively sure that the sweater will last a long time. It is best to look at the label: The garment may only be called cashmere if the fabric contains at least 85 per cent cashmere wool.

Here, too, we advise: Use neutral colors such as black, beige, grey or dark blue, which go well with many other items in your wardrobe. Most of the time, you have had enough of bright colors or extravagant patterns.

4: A Playful Floral Dress

We are sure: dresses with floral prints are a fashion trend that never ends. Why? Playful floral dresses are simply the perfect all-rounders. They can be combined in a highly varied way and always conjure up an excellent style. And not just on warm summer days – the flower trend is in demand all year round. In autumn and winter, the pieces go well with sweaters, boots, and leather jackets.

What also makes floral dresses a long-runner is that they fit every occasion – whether for brunch with your best friend, at a festival, as a wedding guest outfit or something fancier in the office.

5: A Blazer

Last but not least: the blazer. Blazers probably never go out of style and regularly land at the top of all trend rankings. Good for us because this means we can confidently invest in a high-quality model that we will love and wear for many years to come.

We are always well dressed in a blazer. And by that, we don’t mean the staid office looks. The pieces have experienced a genuine revival in recent years and are remarkably diverse.

Blazers are incredibly versatile. Sure, they always have something “chic” about them and naturally go particularly well with the elegant evening or business looks. The timeless jackets can do more and are now part of the fashionable street style almost by themselves.

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