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Tanning: 10 Foods That Make You Tan Faster!

And if we want to have a radiant complexion, the answer is in what we eat. To us, tomatoes, carrots, and other intelligent foods will give us beautiful rosy cheeks!

The Mango!

Mango is a fruit rich in vitamin A, a vitamin that boosts the action of the sun’s rays, thus promoting a golden and luminous tan. In summer, the skin is exposed. And more than ever, all its cells need to be well nourished to face heat, UV rays, and sea wind. An organ in its own right, the skin is made up of thousands of cells. And like all cells, they need to be well nourished. It is a tissue that renews itself very quickly, is fragile, and is exposed. Just by observing it, we can detect nutritional deficiencies and disorders.

How Important It Is To Moisturize Your Skin Well… From The Inside!

With the heat, the skin is thirsty! But there is no need to spread it with moisturizer if, at the base, it needs to be given more water, i.e., at least 1.5 liters per day to drink in small quantities throughout the day. But dryness is also a question of lipids. They are the cement of the epidermis and help retain water in the cells. 

Dieters often cut out fat, and this results in dry, flaky skin . To avoid ending up with crocodile skin, don’t forget about fats… but the good ones, namely essential fatty acids.: omega-3 (mackerel or sardines on the barbecue, rapeseed or walnut oil in our upgraded salads with oilseeds) and omega-6 (sunflower or evening primrose oil). And also, a knob of butter in the morning for its vitamin A guarantees good cell renewal.

These Foods Fight Against The Appearance Of Wrinkles Before They Appear

Bad news: skin aging begins at age 30 and accelerates under the effect of UV rays. Good news: it can be curbed with food that provides antioxidants and free radical killers. Various substances possess these superpowers: polyphenols and carotenoids, phytochemicals contained in plants; vitamins C and E; zinc, and selenium. 

No need to learn the nutritional tables by heart: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, spices, herbs… a diet rich in plants allows you to fill up on antioxidants. And the more colorful, the better. We go to the market and make ourselves a rainbow basket. The polyphenols of red fruits are particularly interesting because, in addition to being antioxidants, they intervene in the microcirculation, guaranteeing good skin oxygenation. To fill up on zinc, head to the fishmonger (fish and seafood) twice a week.

How To Boost Your Tan Well Before Summer?

To look good, it’s simple: we put on the orange-red! Carrots, apricot, mango, melon, and watermelon contain carotenoids and interesting beta-carotenes for two reasons before summer: antioxidants, they have a protective effect against the harmful effects of the sun and a little coloring action on the skin, which they activate melanin. They are also picked from bright green leafy vegetables (spinach, arugula, parsley ), where the chlorophyll masks the orange color. 

The little brother of carotene, lycopene, present mainly in tomatoes, also helps to prepare the skin before summer. Carrots, apricots… for a sunny effect! Vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, and dark leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach, arugula, green salad, and watercress) are rich in beta-carotene, an orange pigment that plants synthesize to protect themselves from light. 

It is the “radiant glow” nutrient par excellence and a formidable antioxidant that protects against skin aging. Gorge on apricots, yellow peaches, melons, mangoes and cherries among the fruits. Tomatoes, watermelon… to protect yourself from the sun! In large quantities in foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, or grapefruit, lycopene is effective against free radicals. 

It helps the skin to tolerate ultraviolet rays better. Eating it regularly in summer can limit the occurrence of sunburn, and it ends up as red as… a tomato! But if this diet promotes an apricot complexion, it cannot, under any circumstances, replace sunscreen during exhibitions.

Good to know!

  1. The tomato releases its lycopene better when it is cooked.
  2. Low in calories, eggplant is the slimming ally par excellence. As a gratin or just grilled, it adds color to your dishes. With antioxidant-rich skin, eggplant prevents early cell aging.

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