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The Antoine Diet, A False Good Idea

Only one type of food per day: the Antoine diet was one of the dissociated diets. Definition & basic principle of the Antoine diet They were born in the 1950s: dissociated diets are based on a theoretically interesting nutritional principle, the combination of foods. In fact, poor digestion of inappropriate mixtures of foods nourishes the body less well, assimilating them badly and eliminating them less well.

A diet that wants to put an end to inappropriate mixtures! The objective is to lose the weight generated by bad food associations. But is it effective and safe? All our answers. The triptych of dissociated regimes: the Antoine, Shelton, and Montignac regimes. The three are based on not all foods being digested similarly: proteins need an acid medium, and carbohydrates are a primary medium.

 However, we like to mix acidic foods (bread, cereals, meat, fish, and legumes) and alkaline foods (fresh vegetables, dairy products, and fruits). Just pasta in tomato sauce is a contradictory mix. And, at this rate, even a slice of buttered bread! It is not wrong that vegetables combine very well with proteins or starches, but that proteins and starches do not go well together: oh, the lamb with flageolets, the latter complex carbohydrates, and not vegetables.

The Radical One-Food-A-Day Method

Difficult to find your way around? The Antoine diet opts for the revolutionary method: only one food per day to, a priori, no longer make mistakes! A typical week following the Antoine diet:

  1. Monday, vegetables;
  2. Tuesday, meat;
  3. Wednesday, eggs;
  4. Thursday, milk;
  5. Friday, fish;
  6. Saturday, fruit.
  7. Break on Sunday, where you can eat what you want.

The Antoine diet continues at the rate of one week per month. A “dry” diet, prohibition to drink the slightest drop of water during meals. If you can eat the amount of mono-food you want, it is limited by the feeling of thirst and the weariness caused by monotony.

The Limits Of This Diet

In reality, the Antoine diet amounts to a low-calorie diet: in the short term, weight loss can be effective, but the lack of a balanced diet and the yoyo effect are denounced. The diet amounts to moving from one dietary imbalance to another. Another disadvantage of the Antoine diet is that it does not respect the human body’s rhythm, whose energy, protein, and mineral intake are balanced daily. The weekly “smoothing” does not correspond to the reality of the organism.

One Dietary Imbalance For Another

Moreover, it is not so in proteins if it is well provided with fruits and vegetables. Finally, the best digestion does not consist in having to digest a large quantity of meat one day and fruit the next day. Deficiencies, digestive disorders, fatigue, somewhat disturbed conviviality for a hypothetical result on the scale: the disadvantage is that these extreme diets attract profiles already struggling with a balanced diet. However, forcing oneself to move from one dietary imbalance to another is not the right recipe.

And The Shelton Diet?

All in a somewhat military way! It is like the extreme version of the Shelton diet, which recommends a single food, no longer per day, but per meal. A diet based on a categorization of foods rejected by the scientific world. Therefore, whether Antoine or Shelton, dissociated diets are the erroneous modelings of a fair observation: our health and our silhouette also depend on a good combination of foods.

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