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The Katana: The Solution To Naturally Darken Your Hair

Ingredients of vegetable colorings, the Katana is used to darken your hair. It also gives pretty chocolate highlights to brown and chestnut hair. In addition to its coloring power, it is also a perfect treatment. This ingredient, therefore, has considerable advantages! Here are its secrets and how to use it.

Katam: What Is It? 

The Katana is a plant from the buxus dioica found in Yemen whose leaves resemble the olive tree. A black powder is drawn by grinding the pits of its fruits, and by boiling its roots, an ink for writing is obtained. When mixed with henna, katam (close to indigo ) gives a broad palette of colors. But other plants can be associated with this plant to obtain the desired color.

Katam Or Indigo? 

Like the leaves of indigo, those of khatam contain precursors of bluish pigments. In contrast, indigo darkens more.

What Use? 

Widely used in the Middle East, it covers white hair and naturally darkens the lengths. Another advantage: it neutralizes the coppery and red reflections of henna. In addition to its coloring powers, it is also a perfect treatment since it brings suppleness, shine, and elasticity to the hair. It also gives vigor to the lengths and is effective in thickening them. It is used after the first application of henna, but if you wish, you can apply the kata/henna mixture all at once to your hair.

The Katana And The White Hair

If you have white hair, this plant will allow you to cover it.

The Katana On The Hair

With this plant, you can darken your shade obtained with henna. It can also bring shine to your lengths while giving them suppleness and elasticity. This vegetable powder, therefore, has several advantages, and after or before chemical coloring, you can use it without danger.

Katam: How To Use It?

This plant is used after applying henna to your hair. But as indicated beforehand, you can apply the kata/henna mixture in one step. Here is an idea for using this plant:

  1. Before use, it must be mixed with warm water (it will change color, this is normal). Then add your henna, mix, and wait for the preparation to cool before applying it to your lengths.
  2. When applying, remember to wear gloves to protect your hands and nails. Once the exposure time has elapsed, rinse your hair (if you can, rinse your lengths with the side because it preserves the color).

Katam: What Is The Exposure Time? 

The exposure time depends on the color you want to obtain. Indeed, the longer the exposure time, the less the copper reflections will be visible and the darker the color. On the other hand, do not exceed two hours of exposure. This would be useless because these vegetable powders lose their coloring power after this period.

What To Associate It With? 

Gautam And Baking Soda

It can be used as a treatment mixed with hot water, henna, and other powders. You can mix it with baking soda. To do this:

  1. Let your mixture rest for one to two hours, then spread the paste obtained on your washed and towel-dried hair.
  2. Leave on for 40 to 120 minutes (by placing your hair under a Charlotte), depending on the desired result and base color.
  3. Rinse with clear water.

Katam And Walnut Husk

The walnut husk also has dyeing properties, allowing you to darken chestnut or light hair and obtain brown reflections. Combine 70% khatam and 30% walnut husk on red hair to achieve a bluish-black. On light brown hair, these proportions (for these two ingredients) make obtaining very dark brown hair possible.

Katam And Neutral Henna

Neutral henna is used to cleanse the scalp, strengthen the lengths, give them shine and regulate sebum production. On white hair, apply natural henna, then katam to obtain natural dark brown hair.


Vegetable colorings have no contraindications.

Katam Allergy

Some people may face an allergy. If you are in this situation, limit your use, and if your symptoms persist, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

Where To Buy Katana? 

If the effects of this plant have convinced you, the easiest way to get it is online.

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